with our houses fully furnished, repainting the walls is one of the greatest challenges you will face,Wallpapers can help you out.

A wallpaper will save you from the complications brought by painting on your wall.



Having in mind the strong smell of the paint,the permanent stains on your furniture and curtains and the duration taken for it to dry,you feel unprepared to paint your walls.

Wallpapers are convenient in installation and with a wide variety of designs and colors.

Their installation is cheap and easy that encourages frequent changes to owners pleasure.

The environment and types of the furniture in the room can be easily be matched with the walls with wallpaper that becomes an outstanding site.

Various Design of Wallpapers.

A wallpaper can be designed to fit in specific rooms and serve the intended purpose to the maximum.

  1. Kitchen wallpaper.

Kitchens the only room that people have learn to take maximum precautions on the kind of walls they have.

These wall papers have very attractive designs that just fit to kitchens atmosphere.

They represent something edible.

2.Bathroom wallpaper.

This are wall papers that are specially designed to withstand the environmental conditions found in the bath room.

This is a room with very humid and hot air that can cause any other type of wall paper to pull out.

3.Kids room wallpaper.

This is the room that does best with a wall paper.

Children like walls that are painted probably with pictures of their favorite cartoon,car or any thing they like.

A wall paper will cater for them perfectly and in case of change in their preference changing the wall paper will be very easy.

Still,since children will obviously write on the walls,they are made with a material that is easy to wash.

4.Grass cloth wallpaper.

This is a type of wall paper that is made from woven plant and fiber.

They are made in various designs ,patterns colors and textures to suit different users.

The type of plant used to make the grass cloth wallpaper determines the texture.

5.Removable wallpaper.

Wall papers should give the house owners that freedom to choose when to change them.

Having removable wall papers,this objective is easily achieved since no tight procedures are followed in installing them.

This is the best

6.Paint-able wallpaper.

This are wall papers that give that provision of painting over them to owners wish.

Installation of Wallpapers.

This are just special papers that are stuck on the walls using various methods like, using glue, by air evacuation between the paper and the wall and any other applicable method.

The wall requires some initial preparations on the wall like removing he stickers on the wall leaving a smooth surface.

The paint on the wall should not be removed it has no effect on the wallpaper.

The paper needs some cutting to leave spaces like around the windows,when marking the trace line of this regions you should not use markers like chalk that will be so prominent

Advantages of Wallpapers

  • . Easy installation which requires little or no specialized manpower.
  • Cause no harm to the wall since it requires no nails .
  • They are in variety of designs and colors to favor owners requirements

Disadvantages of Wallpapers.

  • They might be expensive if quality is considered.
  • They are prone to tear in times of accidents since they are papers.
  • Painted wallpaper fade after some time requiring that long procedure of painting the paper with a neutral color and repaint it.

Maintaining a clean and modern wall in your house may turn to be too expensive if you opt to repaint the wall every time you need a changeover.

On the same note constant inhaling of that paint may be harmful to your health,your situation can only be saved by Wallpapers.