Laundry Room Ideas

Creating a good Laundry Room Ideasstarts with a dream, where you visualize how you would like your room to look like then develop ideas towards that end. Implementation of these ideas needs a step-by-step procedure and a clear plan.

The plan to excellent Laundry Room Ideas

The plan to setting out great laundry ideas and implementing them follows this simple procedure below. By adding a little creativity and personal taste to your plan, you not only have great ideas for your small laundry room but also implement them effortlessly.

  • Specific objective: this means that you set out with a clear vision on how you want to have the final laundry room.
  • Attainable: there is no more self-defeating thing than start on a project or for it to stall a few steps down the line due to overcast and logistics problems. Make sure you commence with enough funds, and that your plan for a great laundry room falls within your budget.
  • Timeliness: primarily, no one wants to come up with a brilliant laundry room ideas only for you to shelve them. Make sure that once you get a full picture of your laundry room idea, you implement it before it is too late.

Laundry Room Ideas

Laundry Room Ideas

Small Laundry Room Ideas

  • Small laundry room drying bar: this unlike a rack holds many shirts and also features a mounted bath-towel holder. This bar   works well when you are ironing and hanging them as you progress.
  • Tight-space laundry: the secret to having a great laundry room out of a small area is to invest in a washer-dryer set that has minimal space usage. The most preferred model is the European style. You can also build a shelf with drawers in between the units. In these you can pack those clothes out of the drawer, and push them out of sight.  You can add a few shades for concealment and this is an equally great small laundry room idea.
  • Small laundry room adjustable closet: they are closely packed shelves designed to accommodate the closet’s content with no space unused inside. The folded draperies are stored in the shelves that are retractable and each designated for its own purpose. For instances, the top-most shelf could be used to store bags.
  • Wash and carry set-up: this idea work especially for the small laundry room. You invest in canvas bags, designed for laundry and dry-cleaning separately. This makes the transportation easier and organized.
  • Small Laundry room make-over:  among the best small laundry ideas is putting wallpaper. No one should underscore the magic that this piece of interior design carries. Toned with different patterns and motifs, it restores warmth, glamour and cheer back to the laundry area. Choose a wall paper that has a cream or bright undertone to really set the mood.

Large Laundry Room Ideas

  1. Large laundry room wall: the wall implies that area where yo dry your clothes. The most ideal feature is a wire shelving which is adjustable and solely used for drying heavy clothing. It is strengthened by use of a rod, and when you when your clothes they, they need less or no ironing at all.
  2. Towel folding: one of the large laundry room ideas is mastering the art of keeping your clothing well folded. This is especially true for the towels. Some towels are small, like the bathing ones, while others are extremely large. To help you meticulously fold the towels you may need to have an average sized cutting board. This makes sure you achieve a near perfect towel fold, and for hand towels you can use a relatively smaller.
  3. Remember lighting: only second to color, the choice of your lighting determines the mood and tone of your laundry room. A great idea lies in choosing the kind of light that isn’t too bright to cause discomfort, or too dull to make you hardly see. Additionally, you can throw pieces of art like plates, sea-shells around the laundry room. If possible, you can make the outside sandy, to create an illusion of a sandy beach.
  4. If you don’t have a sink where you can soak your clothes, you may invest in a large basin to do the same. This can be conveniently placed at one corner furthest from the door.

Summary of Laundry Room Ideas

While many laundry room differ in size, the idea of coming up with a great laundry room revolves about the highlighted points above. While personal creativity is necessary, the above outlined laundry room ideas will save you much work in creating a great laundry room décor.

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