Washroom Bathtub Designs

Washroom Bathtub Designs are among the contemporary and modern latest features found in the house plan and designs today.

Take a visit to the Ole Sereni hotels and lounge along Mombasa road Kenya and if I can assure you least the place is pretty gorgeous beyond imagination. The main central point is in the accommodation areas where there are washrooms. The bathtubs are clean and painted with a color that matches perfectly with the entire washroom and the room.

Washroom Bathtub Designs are designed for contemporary bathroom that is more than the bathing space but also offers style and design to your bathroom décor.

Style and convenience happen to be the main keyword when the idea of contemporary washroom. The bathtub are now gaining a lot popularity since they are a way of relaxing and having fun after a long day with hard work with it and fears of the future.

Washroom Bathtub Designs

Washroom Bathtub Designs







Small Washroom Bathtub Designs.

With the modern high cost in real estates products and deals many persons have therefore decided to minimize the cost by reducing the expenses incurred in the installation of some recreation and social amenities.

This leads to the un fulfilling feel that you have not accomplished the desires of your heart. As a result, home appliances companies have come up with many of designing small Washroom Bathtub , which are cheaper.

Here are types of small Washroom Bathtub Design:

  • Round bathtubs

This is the washroom bathtub designs that are a bit smaller than the rectangular bathtub. It is commonly used in the places where the bathroom is small in size.

  • Corner fitting bathtubs

These are washroom bathtub designs that have an empty corner that gives the bathtub a chance to fit in the corner of the bathroom. This creates a good impressive look as well as the bathroom having an illusion of being large.

  • Free standing

Like the name suggests, it is a tub that is portable and can be positioned at any part of the bathroom. They usually have light colors with them.

  • Whirl hood washroom bathtub design

This is the type that water does circulate in and out of the tub. Once the water in the tub has being used, clean water enters the tub.

It happens to be one the best washroom bathtub design since it gives you the chance of stretching your muscles as the water circulates hence relaxation.

How to clean your washroom bathtub designs with vinegar

Most people fear washing their washroom bathtub  with chemicals in the fear of their skin being destroyed later. Therefore vinegar being a natural solution happens to be the best option.

Vinegar has the acidic property that helps in the removal of tough strains, mounds and rust that may have struck on the washroom bathtub design.

  • Fill the bathtub with water and close the outlets. Add about 5 cups of the distilled white vinegar. Do not mind the smell of the vinegar since it will vanish after a few hours.
  • Open the jets and allow the vinegar to dissolves the dirt for 15 minutes and do it in the perfectly way.
  • Starting scrubbing off the dirt taking care of the resistance dirt. For the resistant strains scrub them harder using vinegar.
  • Dry off the wet washroom bathtub design.

How to install your washroom bathtub designs.

Installing a washroom bathtub can be made an easy task if only you have the right procedure as discussed below.

1.      Create space for the installation of the washroom bathtub .

Move out all unnecessary materials in the bathroom and make a spacious location of your bathtub.

2.      Check on the connection of the water.

This is done by making sure that the washroom bathtub designs are well connected to the water source. This is because it should avoid water wastage and promote the efficiency of the tub.

3.      Secure the tub.

This is usually done by stabilizing the point of the tub with a piece of wood that prevent the tub from falling off

Use the pads on the tubs to prevent the tub from vibrating in the wrong manner when touched; promotes it stability and firmness.


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