Wardrobes Interior Design

What is Wardrobes Interior Design? Imagine of a house without this important cabinets called wardrobes in our bedrooms. I remember of a period when i was leaving in house without a wardrobe.  There was no space provided for storing and hanging clothes. It ended up being very tedious because i could iron my clothes everyday.I would like to encourage the Landlord to provide this very essential space when planing to construct a house.

Would we designate a corner I the room for keeping them or would we use the travel bags that are to tiring to maintain them meat.

W e would be having a problem of retrieving and keeping track of all our wears.

The greatest challenge would come to the shopaholics who buy new clothes every day. Thanks to wardrobes, they know and easily manage their wear. Your Wardrobes Interior Design therefore should be such a way that suits your desire and meet your need.

Wardrobes Interior Design

wardrobes interior designs

wardrobes interior designs

There are various designs of wardrobes that favor different users and situations.

They include:-

  1. Sliding door wardrobe.
  2. Closet wardrobes
  3. Portable wardrobes.
  4. Built in wardrobes.

Other special types include:-

  1. Shoe racks
  2. Portable garment racks that are used in hanging cloths.

Wardrobes Interior Design Essentials.

Having a wardrobe in your bedroom means that you had an intended purpose for it when you were installing it.

This will make your work of partitioning it very easy, enjoyable and finally you will live to enjoy the services it will be giving to you.

As you set aside rooms for children master bedroom and guest room decide appropriately on the wardrobes you choose.

Wardrobes essentials for men.

Unfortunately, on the issues of men dressing we believe in those myths that men don’t have to concentrate more on the clothes they wear.

Tour clothing plays a great role in improving your self confidence which is applicable to all persons including men.

Men’s wardrobes mostly consist of ironed cloths that need to be safely hanged until the day required.

Lot of creativity in designing then ought to be applied to make all cloths easily and equally assessable since men can have that tendency of using only the easily assessable.

Have some space for the following clothing.

Suits, formal shits, classic ties, classic V-necked sweaters, [blue denims] geans, polo shirts, khakis, belts and space for at least four pairs of shoes.

Wardrobes essentials for women.

Generally, women are known to be shopaholic thus their wardrobes are usually packed with clothes.

This is the wardrobe that has to be designed with the most spacious cabinets to accommodate as many cloths as possible.

The design has to allow easy arrangement, retrieving and have room for more clothes.

The shoe cabinet should also be large enough to accommodate shoes of different designs and sizes.

There are various cloths that you will never lack in a lady’s wardrobe which include:-

Day dress, skirts, geans [blue denims], little dresses [LBD] , classic trousers, multipurpose tops, jackets, trench coats and some huts.

A wardrobe that accommodates all this cloths will serve the lady best for as long as she is in the room.

Wardrobes Interior Design for small rooms.

This are the rooms that match well with some wardrobes, in fact, they are not only used as storage for clothes but also acts as the center of beauty in the room.

Having a built in wardrobe works out well in this small rooms since it allows maximum space conservation, people will be seeing just like some decorations on the wall.

They should sited at a place where opening the door will be easy or else fitted with sliding doors.

The site behind the entrance door is the most suitable for these wardrobes since it is mostly a waste in the room.

They should have proper decoration inside them for everybody in the room will be easily seeing through in to the wardrobe.

Most of this kind of a wardrobe has two distinct sides one being a large cabinet that is used for hanging ironed or large cloths like coats while the other is divided to several cabinets that allow proper packaging of different types of cloths.


Always remember to consider Wardrobes Interior Design when designing  your house