Day after day the world is taking a new dimension of how things are done, surprisingly safes are also changing.They are no longer kept as the secret of the owner; they have become part of the beauty in the home placed openly like a fridge.Those document and petty money that you felt you can’t take them to your hidden safe due to the legal formalities followed in assessing it can now be saved right at your living room.In fact, currently safes are of very many designs favoring the location, the purpose and most necessary the safety of the content.



There are various types of safes design.

1. Fire proof safe

These safe is made with a fire resistant material that can withstand fire for the common fire flames like wood flame.The property secured in them is not affected by the heat on the exterior of the safe.

2. Drop safe

It is placed at an open place where everybody can put their petty valuables like coins or some documents.They are made with a special hole on the upper side that allow things in but they can’t be withdrawn not unless you open the door.

3. Gun safe

The material used in making this safe is hard enough to withstand the weight of any type of bullet.They are ideal for saving your top valuables that may require often retrieving.

4. In Wall safe

This is the most common type of safe that is secured in a wall of any part of the house.To enhance their privacy, people hung wall pictures over it.It is also used in securing the top valuables that are retrieved less often from the safe.

5. Floor safe

This is a unique location of a safe where you feel totally secure having saved your valuables in it.They can be positioned at very odd positions that people regularly step on but having been covered well it remains a secret of the owner.

Safes descan be categorized into:-

1. Hidden safe

It is designed and positioned at places that ensure top secrecy of their being.It can be inbuilt in the walls or floors in a house.Any creative position where people will take long or never notice there is a safe is just ideal for this hidden safes.

2. Burglar safe.

This is a safes that cannot be hidden due to their intended purpose.To prevent the risks of burglary, they are designed with some features like bullet proof material and high tech combination rocks.

3. Luxury safe

These are the safes that are used to store valuables like jewelry, watches and other expensive commodities that are just meant for luxury.They have the features that enhance safety like un proof and alarms that detect force entry.

4. Free standing safe

This is a safe that is used for petty savings since they are not positioned in private places.They are common in drop safes that are open for everybody.

Advantages of  a safes

· They protect valuables from burglary, fire and miss handling.

· They have inbuilt alarms that alert of any forced entry of in occurrence of fire.

· Their elegant outer look serves the purpose of home beautifying perfectly well.

· They have a corrosion resistant material that is bullet proof thus enhancing its durability.

· Are modified with a high tech combination rock that maintains maximum privacy to just the owner.

· Most of them are inbuilt in the walls or floors thus consuming no space. They can be fitted with sliding doors to ease their opening.

· Others like luxury safes are made with some stands thus can be placed anywhere.

Most homes lack this loyal gadget due to their high buying cost and the hectic procedure of assessing them.

if only they could realize the prestige, luxury and safety associated with owning one, then, safes would be a must have in our homes.