small laundry room

Want to have an easy time in your Small Laundry Room

With the current cost of buying land and construction, we are forced to resolve to economize on everything that we do like building small laundry rooms.

Laundry rooms are known to be the rooms where all the procrastinated work is stored, be it unwashed clothes, unpacked foodstuff and any other commodities that you feel need some attendance.

For sure this is the most appropriate place for all this stuff and keeping then elsewhere like in the store will make thing no better. Managing them is the best alternative for the tidy of the house at large.

Top Essentials of a Small Laundry Room.

Small Laundry Room

Small Laundry Room

For you to minimize the usage of space in the laundry room, you have to manage each and every accessory you incorporate in it. Remove any that you feel you can do without or when elsewhere.

Below are some of the most essential accessories in the room:-

  • A trash bin.

Just a small descent bin that will just be placed around one shelf without necessarily occupying some space on the floor. They should fit with some lid to be more appealing to the eyes.

  • Storage containers.

These are the large containers that are used to store the unclean clothes. They should be easy to open and close by anybody who is in the house.

The machines in your laundry rooms should be mobile to allow easy movement to favor the user of the room in cleaning and doing other activities like ironing.

  • Shelves and cabinets.

This are places where the clean clothes are placed waiting folding or ironing. They should be at a convenient place where they are not prone to getting wet or dirty.

This shelves and cabinets are preferably placed over the head to save on space and keep the clothes safe enough.

Some shelves are placed over the washing machines to place the washing detergents and soaps.

  • An ironing board and folding area.

This is a very essential part but it must not be secluded in the room. Having an area where you place the storage containers well made to serve even this activity is the most recommended technique.

The ironing board should be the foldable type to occupy the minimum space possible when not in use.

  • A drying rack and hangers.

The drying rack is useful in drying the delicates that can be destroyed by the driers; the hangers are also user in hangings the ironed clothes that should also be stored at a place where they are safe enough.

One open cabinet can be excluded for these two things.

  • Laundry baskets and hampers.

These are the baskets that are used for all other activities and storage in the laundry room.

You can store excess shopping of things that are not easily destroyed like soap and detergents.

They should be easily moved to another room during cleaning to give room for cleaning and other activities like ironing and folding.

How to Manage the Small Laundry Room.

You need to have control of everything in the room. Have the storage baskets transparent to know exactly what is in them is one essential aspect.

Ensure that there are no clothing dropped on the floor and then clean the floor after every cleaning session. This will help you to have everything placed back to the right position after use.

Painting Scheme for Small Laundry Rooms.

The room should be painted with a bright color to make it have a rejuvenating atmosphere.

The paint should be resistant to water and moisture that causes some paints peels off.

It should stick farm enough on the walls to prevent the incidences of dirtying the clothes stored in the shelves and cabinets.

With this kind of laundry set up, you will never feel that you have a very small laundry room.