Outdoor teak furniture

 What is Outdoor teak furniture?Have you ever sat on furniture that is honey brown or golden or even silvery grey, then you are among the lucky few who have had the experience of outdoor teak furniture.

The comfort they bring to the exterior of the house is just unexplainable. Having been fitted with the detachable cushions one feels like they have been momentarily in the beach.

Funny enough these chairs are the most long lasting outdoor furniture, not because of the care they are given but because of the type of wood.

A type of wood that you will only notice its age by the change of the color from honey brown to silvery Grey with all that sun and rain falling on it.

Types of Outdoor Teak Furniture.

Outdoor teak furniture

Outdoor teak furniture

The furniture is designed to different seats and tables to make complete sets for different parts of the garden. These outdoor teak furniture sets include:-

  • Teak deep seating set.

Who said that you will only find the comfortable deep seating coaches in the living room? Discover this place where you can spend time laying after a heavy meal or a tire some activity.

They are fitted with cotton made cushions that takes into the shape of the occupants giving you that feeling of being suspended into the air.

  • Teak benches.

This is the furniture that is fully portable around the garden, you can hung around with friends all day moving with the changes of the shades around the garden.

These benches are designed special for easy portability and long life with the many movements.

You will also feel at ease having left the benches outside overnight despite the weather conditions.

  • Teak patio set.

This is the best place to relax as you hold your informal meeting in the family. Teak furniture makes it even much better; you can enjoy a light meal or drink right from there

The furniture is elegant and fancy to create a perfect impression to anybody who pays a visit to the house.

  • Teak longer and recliners.

This are the well designed outdoor teak furniture that allow you to do some other activities like reading a book, taking a cup of a drink or even playing some relaxing games like cheese.

You can put them in the beck around your swimming pool where you relax after having the enjoyable moments in the swimming pool.


Teak Oil for Outdoor Teak Furniture.

This is a special oil that is applied on outdoor teak furniture to improve its durability span. It makes the furniture water proof, resistant to fading, rotting and pests.

When applying the oil you need to have some materials like, clean rag for oiling, dusting cloth and the teak oil.

The procedure followed is as follows:-

  Step 1

Be cautious enough as you deal with the oil since it is very toxic, in case your furniture are at a closed place like gazebo ensure that you remove them or open all the openings in it.

Step 2

Using the dusting cloth, wipe over the benches to remove the dust on them and use some water and soap where necessary. The cloth can be made dump to wipe out the dust fully.

Step 3

Using the oil applying cloth use a few drops on every application you make to be careful enough, rub well and uniformly on the whole furniture.

Too much oil will take long to dry thus just little is recommended; leave the furniture to dry till a shiny brown surface is seen.

Step 4

After 2 to 3 hours re-apply the oil; ensure that you wipe out all the excess oil before leaving the furniture for about one day to dry.

Outdoor Teak Furniture plans.

This is among the easiest furniture to arrange since it has no limitations on where to arrange them.

The arrangements include:-

  • Seats around a table
  • Seats around a swimming pool.
  • The set in a shade like gazebo, patio or canopy.
  • The benches can be arranges around a tree.

You will never get such freedom like this you get with outdoor teak furniture.