The Ultimate Tuscan Home Decorating Guide

The ultimate Tuscan home decorating guide embodies the simple comfortable and colorful life of Tuscany. Tuscany design basically involves the perfect union of natural elements coupled with natures beauty are reflected in beautifully warm and bold colors.

The ultimate Tuscan home decorating guide is made in such a way as to achieve the rusty look, the warmth and reminiscent of the Tuscan region of Italy. These look is created through the utilization of a diverse assortment of mix, electric and texture materials in house interior design. Due to the fact that the ultimate Tuscan home decorating guide has to be influenced by the natural environment, especially the surrounding conditions of the region the application of relevant accessories, fabrics and furniture is very important.

Tuscan deco is stirred by natural elements such as the varying colors of grape or olive fields, aged wood or earthly stones. In changing modern trends, architects and builders have moved home decorating design by coming up with magnificent combines of the Tuscan and modern look.

The ultimate Tuscan home decorating guide for the kitchen

In the ultimate Tuscan decorating guide, the kitchen is particular outstanding due to the many elements that can be incorporated into the kitchen to bring out a perfect Tuscany atmosphere.

Tuscan kitchens usually have separate baking areas and visible spices on display. The specific areas of the kitchen to concentrate on in making them part of Tuscan inspired homes are listed below

Counter top, Furnishings, Cabinetry,Tuscan flooring, Tuscan accessories, Faucets and skins Wall color.

The Ultimate Tuscan Home Decorating Guide

The Ultimate Tuscan Home Decorating Guide








The Tuscan type kitchen cabinets are naturally open. Therefore, you may have kitchen cabinets with or without doors. This open look allows the cute Italian pieces to be visible. The open doors style increases your storage space and effectively brings out additional colors in your Tuscany kitchen. The Tuscany kitchen cabinets are not built in the wall to wall design but a traditional “mis-matched” design. They are supposed to look as though they can be literally moved about in space.

To achieve more Tuscany in your kitchen, you may involve inexpensive upgrades of your kitchen cabinets with faux painting together with decorative pieces of wood. In the choice of colors for your cabinets, it is advisable to use blending colors. For example wooden cabinets such as cherry cabinets will blend well with light and cool colors on the walls. Use warmer colors such as roasted almond for white cabinets.

If your kitchen needs any kind of furniture, options in old, distressed wooden furniture will be perfect. These furniture types create great focal points and generally add charm and give your kitchen a rusty look and feel. The furniture could either be painted in distress white or a simple dark color like black. Farm chairs fit the kitchen Tuscan inspired homes perfectly, you may also get creative with paintings of olive and grape vines on the furniture.  In the Tuscan home decorating design for kitchens, the application of broken Tuscan tiles at random points is a major kitchen Tuscan decorating feature.

Faucets for the Tuscan kitchen sink normally are the use of antique copper, brass and bronze. The flooring in a Tuscan kitchen is mostly made up of stone, mosaic, terra cotta, slate and marble. Natural hardwood can also be an excellent flooring material.

The material for kitchen counter tops follows the same sequence as that of other Tuscan design Ideas. The use of natural, sturdy and hard stones is an ideal choice. Tile counter tops and solid surfaces are definitely the route to take. Design and color outlines within the surface bring out a nice tie with your Tuscan accessories and fabrics.

The ultimate Tuscan home decorating guide for dining rooms

The dining room should not miss on the ultimate Tuscan home decorating guide. For lovers of the Tuscan “feel”, one of the best places to be in is a Tuscan dinning room. One of the ways you may start to create your Tuscan dining room is through the placement of pergola.

Pergolas are used to support grapevines in Tuscan wineries, the vines grow quite fast and they will make your dining look green and luscious in a short while. If a rusty look for your dinning room is what you desire, consider adding pine or red cedar pergolas and complete the Tuscan atmosphere with distressed wooden furniture.

The Tuscan dinning room calls for the application of heavy and dark wooden dinning furniture. This is just the furniture one finds in any typical Tuscan farm house. Use real cutlery instead of the items you can dispose of. Opt for crockery with an earthly tone to complement the atmosphere in your Tuscan dinning room.

The ultimate Tuscan home decorating guide for bathrooms

The Tuscan bathroom is commonly described as a perfect combination of complete indulgence and timeless beauty. The typical Tuscan bathroom comprises of ceramic or marble tiles, Tuscan décor elements and scrolled iron work.

Warm colors are ideal for Tuscan designed bathrooms, gold and terracotta are among the common color choices in Tuscan bathrooms. For your bathroom deco, choose items like terracotta pots, metal urns, wrought iron sconces and candle holders, lots of greenery and glass apothecary jars. You can get creative by keeping the baroque towel stand close to your bathtub, or a wrought iron if there is available space.

Choose some cheaper Tuscan tiles or marble for flooring if you have a tight budget to work with. A bold and rich color on the floor always takes your bathroom floor to a higher level.

The ultimate Tuscan home decorating guide for the living room

To redecorate your living room in a beautiful Tuscan style, it is firstly essential to add warm components to your living room. Gold hardware elements do the trick quite well. For instance golden table ware is a great infuse of the Tuscan design in a living room.

Large wooden clocks, wooden wine holders and antique processed frames strategically placed in the living room bring out a bold Tuscan design.

The ultimate Tuscan home decorating guide brings unique decorating styles to any home regardless of their sizes or room preferences. To changing the look of your home to a breathtaking Italian traditional style based on your decorating strategy or budget, you can make use of the ultimate Tuscan home decorating guide.





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