How to Clean Outside Windows

Do you know how to clean outside windows?Many people around the world usually clean their windows once in a while, but they may not turn out as spotless as they would not want them to. This is so because they may not have learnt how to clean outside windows especially if they live in the high rise apartments that have no balconies, or where present, all the windows are not served. However, not everyone has an idea of how to clean outside windows. If you are ready to take the task yourself and clean the windows to your satisfaction this time here are some of the cleaning tips to make your windows sparkle.

Methods of how to clean outside windows

how to clean outside windows

how to clean outside windows

One could use a cup of white vinegar, a gallon of warm water and a few drops of dish washing liquid as detergent. With a spray bottle cleaning can be fun since you don’t need to carry with you a bucket full of water especially when you are climbing up to clean a window.

  • Start off from one side of the house and clean one window at a time so as to give each window time to dry off without being messed and tampered with to avoid leaving marks on it after cleaning.
  • Spray the window with the cleaning solution and let it sit in for a few minutes to help reduce the task of scrubbing the window.
  • With a clean piece of cloth or squeegee wipe the window a few times and then rinse of the cleaning solution.
  • Once the window is now spotless rinse your cloth, sponge or squeegee to dry the water off.

By now your window should be spotless and sparkling clean.

Another method to clean the outside windows is:-

  • Fill a bucket or dishpan with warm water and add a detergent of your choice.
  • Remove any hanging object hanging from your window.
  • Remove any cobwebs you may see with an old broom or old cloth.
  • Remove excess dust or dirt with a garden hose pipe but be sure to remove none window at a time to avoid the water spots from drying on the window.
  • Clean the windows thoroughly with a soaked sponge and detergent of your choice.
  • Clean your window with your soaked sponge with one of these methods:-
  1. Start from the upper-left side of the window and make an s-shape downwards until you reach the bottom-right of the window.
  2. Start cleaning the window from the upper left side of the window going down in a straight manner. Use a dry sponge or piece of cloth to dry off excess water from the squeegee. Continue to the next line in the same manner till you get to the right side of then window.
  3. Don’t forget to dry your squeegee after every stroke to avoid leaving visible lines on your window.
  • Dry the window frames with a dry piece to leave the windows sparkling clean.

More Tips on how to clean outside windows

Though we have looked at the various ways on how to clean outside windows, the following tips will be handy when you want to achieve spotlessly clean windows. They are just additional, but their significance cannot be downplayed.

  • Avoid cleaning your window under direct sunlight since the water and detergent will dry off very fast hence making it hard for the detergent to work hence the window will dry off too fast and streak.
  • Choose a hard paper for example a newspaper or a towel, cotton cloth or t-shirt since a soft cloth will leave lint on the window and it won’t be as clean as desired.
  • Outside windows should be washed first hose or clean water to reduce grease or grime.
  • Wash windows from side to side and from the top going down and if the window has streaks you will notice which side they are on.
  • Change washing and also rinsing waters for maximum satisfaction.
  • Squeegees do not work with textured windows and stained glass windows.

For stubborn dirt removal such as paint, resin or glue use a sharp object like a razor or scrapper to scrap them off. First wet the surface then scrap the stain carefully in one direction to avoid scratching the surface and most importantly one should avoid using sharp objects non self cleaning glasses.

Cleaning windows during winter can also be made easier by two cups of anti-freeze or alcohol into each gallon of washing water when clean glass to keep frost from accumulating on the windows during winter.

Wash the insides of the window first since the outside of the window leaves the tools dirty rather faster due to dust.

When cleaning the inside window in the house put a a towel right below the window to avoid drips of water.

Use a glass cleaner for areas too small for the squeegee to clean and for sensitive areas to avoid streaks.

Warnings on how to clean outside windows

Always use an extension handle to clean windows that are too high for you to reach with your feet on the ground. If you must use a ladder find one that is stable and strong enough for you to safely clean the window comfortably.

Avoid abrasive and sharp objects that can scratch and leave the scratches to your window.

Examples of homemade cleaners for windows

  1. Mixture of one tablespoon of dish washing liquid and a quart of water.
  2. A mixture of two tablespoons of ammonia or white vinegar and a quart of water.
  3. Mixture of one half cup of ammonia, one pint of 70 percent rubbing alcohols and one teaspoon of liquid dish washing detergent and add enough water to make one gallon of water.

Once your windows are clean and sparkling, keeping them this way can be tasking though one should try keeping them that way. There are very ways to maintain your windows with the information given cleaning windows will no longer be tasking and tiresome for home owners especially those who are not used to doing it themselves. Cleaning outside windows should also be made a weekly routine to keep the windows relatively clean and hence easier to clean during subsequent washes. F0r more on How to Clean Outside Windows, visit our site