Gates in Kenya

gates in Kenya

gates in Kenya


Beautiful gates in Kenya

Privacy and security are the key aspects that we search for when we build large buildings and perimeter walls around them.

Do the gating matter?

Yes of course, having just a week gate or no gate is leaving a weak area where all your security and privacy is lost.

What impression do you see when a large building with a large   perimeter wall has no gate? The immediate assumption is that the construction work is yet to be completed.

People in the current world have learnt to judge a book by its cover.

Bearing in mind that the gate is part of the cover of your home, perfect on it.

There is a wide variety of garden gates designed for various locations:-

Types of gates in Kenya

They are categorized as per their locations:-

  • Front gate designs in Kenya.

This are the gates that are most viewed by visitors thus they should be designed to be eye catching to any one who set eyes on it.

Listed bellow, are various types of front yard gates designs in Kenya.

  • Wooden garden gates

This is a unique design that with proper installation it has an amazing out look.

For a garden gate to be firm enough it has to be supported by two firm posts.

The posts should have the ability to withstand the constant movements of the door.

To ascertain its firmness the posts should be attached on the ground with concrete.

Some roofing should be done to protect the wood from adverse weather conditions.

  • Arched garden gates

This is the traditional wooden gates.

  • Metallic garden gates

They can be made of various types of metals. the commonly used metals are:-

  1. Aluminum gates
  2. Wrought iron gates
  3. Steel gates.

They are made in two designs

ü  Single basic gates

This is the gates with only one door, just like the house doors

They are commonly used as walk path gates.

ü  Double based gates

This is the gates with two large opening doors.

They are commonly used as the main entrance gates.

  • Closed garden gates

They are the gates that are made of metal sheets that are opaque hence one cant see through.

They are the best for small front yard landscapes of people who need total privacy.

  • Antique gates

They are the gates that are not closed.

They are popularly used in large gardens which their buildings are far from the gate.

They are also popular in institutions and industries

  • Back yard gates in Kenya

This gates are not commonly used hence they are mostly single based gates.

They can be set as secret gates that can be used in times of emergency.

The gates should be strong enough which are not easily broken into because they are mostly not guarded.

They can also be used to connect two neighboring homes.

They are of various types of back yard gate designs in Kenya.

  • Antique gates


This is single based gates that are not closed.

They are used to open to gardens or fields like golf fields, basket ball fields and swimming pools.

  • Vineyard gates

This are gates opening to a large unoccupied land where people can walk around away from the homes jurisdiction.

They can be large gates, dig enough to allow a vehicle to pass through.

Concluding remarks on Gates in Kenya

There is a diverse collection of garden gates that are designed to fit various parts of the garden.

Ensure that your home is securely closed with worthy gates.

Let us improve the security and privacy of our homes by considering this gates in Kenya.


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