used furniture

Who said that used furniture cannot work out well in your homestead?

As time goes by and I face new things in life I have come to learn and appreciate the fact that old is gold.

Taking vehicles as an example,the  old vehicles of the early twentieth century had the hardest body covers.

Today’s vehicles  cannot withstand  not even minor accidents.

Considering today’s furniture they are made of man made  wood ,can we by any chance compare this to the older furniture made of hard wood.

Today try buying a new hard wood furniture and you will realize how much they are valued by just the mention of the cost.

Advantage of used furniture

Used Furniture

Used Furniture

Never assume that new things will always give you the satisfaction you want ,every thing has its own remedies.

  • They are cheaper—as all other second hand goods ,their cost is much less than the initial cost of buying them.this saves you a lot and you still get the satisfaction that you always wanted.
  • They are of higher quality-buying new furniture of the same amount as those second hand furniture you realize that there is a  difference in quality and quantity.
  • Time saving to purchase—currently you find that all over towns like Nairobi there are many exhibitions of old furniture where you go and buy directly.

You can locate the furniture from its source and get ideas on its arrangements.

  • There is variety in the market—People are always changing what they have going for more suitable .this keeps the market running and always with variety.

Disadvantages of used furniture

You only have to be cautious of what u are buying for there are also conman who will convince you beyond any doubt to buy what they offer only to realize it was fraud when it is too late.

  • Wear and tear


It is very easy to distinguish between old furniture and new furniture.some might not be presentable to put them in your living room or office.

You might rush to buy second hand furniture due to their cheap cost only to find three to four days later you regret having made that hasty decision.

Know what you are going for before buying.

  • No after sale services

This are goods that have no added advantage like warranty. The moment you purchase the furniture you become the legal owner who will be accountable of any thing that happens from then.

New furniture come with some added advantages like carriage ,installation and most important one or two years  warranty.

  • Maintenance cost.

If you make a mistake of going for the cheapest furniture in the market this is the time you will come to know that cheap is expensive.

They will require frequent repairs  that will never make the furniture better,in the long run you end up using more money than  you could have used in newer second hand furniture or brand new.

concluding remarks on used furniture

economies of scale is the policy that is keeping most institutions including marriages running in this times of economic recession.

Second hand furniture are cheap hence save much of the cost that could have been budgeted for new furniture.

its time that we discovered this secret that growing institutions are using to save money for developments; buying used furniture.