Lighting Designs in Kenya

As you resolve to light up your garden, don’t think of just lighting for security purposes, think of some fantastic lighting designs in Kenya

Have you ever seen a garden within many homesteads that just stood to be outstanding among others?

Yes, all our homes have security lighting but can they make an appealing outlook? Never, in fact a house without them can easily be singled out to be having a problem.

Lighting Designs in Kenya

Landscape: lighting designs in Kenya

Lighting designs  in Kenya just includes some simple tricks that are used in lighting your garden and make it an admirable spot in your region.

Below are some of the positions where the lights should be strategically positioned to bring out this admirable outlook:-

  • Garden lighting.

This is the major part of landscape lighting thus it determines how your home will generally appear to be.

To perfect more on your landscape lighting ideas, the first step is to major on the tips of garden lighting.

  • Path way lighting.

This is a basic part of lighting in your garden which is commonly used as people walking around the garden.

The path way should be well lit to avoid any accident that may occur in the garden.

To perfect on this some slightly dull lights that will not affect the sight of the different users of the path should be used.

They are positioned on a low part along the path mostly below the knees; this is to ensure that they serve their purpose of lighting the path to the maximum.

The lights chosen should not be colored; colored lights are not used in lighting.

  • Point on lighting designs in Kenya

To make sure that the garden is lit to the desired extreme, some lights should be hosted around the garden.

The lights should be bright enough and designed in a way that they light all around it.

The lights can be positioned two at a point to ensure they provide enough light.

The following are the most ideal positions to host the lights:-

  • At the entrance to the main gate to the garden.
  • At the middle of the main path ways like drive ways and walk paths
  • At the end of the path way near the entrance to the main door to the house.
  • Some are posted randomly around the garden.
  • On the walls of the house, others are posted round the house avoiding the doors and the windows.

This are meant to bring that uniform lighting design to the whole garden.

  • Creative lighting.

We might have some large trees and shrub around our gardens that are not light by all this lighting designs in Kenya.

Some lights can be positioned behind the plantation making some light emanate similar to a shadow.

The scaly shades are converted to a pleasant site.

  • Stare way lighting.

Having done a perfect lighting design all around your garden, this should perfect the finishing touches.

The stairs should also be lit to ensure they are well visible to avoid any accident.

Stair lighting is one of the most unique types of lighting design that catches the eyes of any passersby.

The lights are made in an inbuilt design making the tiles look like they are glowing.

This creates that welcoming atmosphere light at the door; one can’t wait to be in the house to see more.

  • Aquatic lighting.

The water bodies around the garden and in the patio can be brightened up and their beauty may be visible even at night by lighting them up.

There are special under water lights that are used for these purposes.

The light appears like a blue large glow all around the water body.

Concluding remarks on landscape lighting designs in Kenya.

These are the most unique designs that made an outstanding garden in your neighborhood that you admire every time you pass by.

Do you want people to admire yours, try out these lighting designs in Kenya.