two bedroom house plans

Among the many new trends in the world, two bedroom house plans have come up strongly.

The calculations on economies of scale are becoming popular as days go by and global recession takes root.

Gone are the days when one family used to have five to ten children, today most families are comfortable with one and at most two.

This has brought a drastic change in most practices including housing designs.

Today building a palace or castle as an individual is close to impossible; we have resulted to planning within our financial range.

With two or one child, a two bed room house has gained increasing demand since they are serving the families perfectly well and are economical to construct.

Tips to having  perfect two bedroom house plans.

two bebroom house plans

two bedroom house plans

There are various outlines that can work out perfectly well in two bedroom house plans.

The bedrooms, living rooms and kitchen can be allocated at different positions to suit different demands.

Bed rooms These bedrooms are specifically meant for the parents [master  bedroom] and the children.

  • Master bedroom This is the bedroom of the owners of the house, who built it for their future life and bringing up children,

It should have all the privacy it deserves within its self.

There should be some facilities like latrines and bathrooms within itself to serve the masters of the house to the maximum of their satisfaction.

The location of the room should be done with much caution to site it at a private part on the plan.

It should be mostly the farthest room in the house.

The windows should not be open to most visited sites around the garden.

The room may have some secret exit doors.

  • Children bedroom.

This is a bedroom that requites a lot of technicality to give it a taste that favors children of all ages in the development cycle.

The bedroom is situated at apposition with free exit and entry and with some privacy.

This room should nit de equipped with too much accessories to make the replacement process of the furniture for a bigger child easier.

  • Kitchen.

Kitchens in these houses are designs to save on space and still bring out the desired impression.

This kitchen can be made with a half wall joining to the dinning room or living room.

The kitchens are also designed with some exit doors opening to the kitchen garden, water taps and water Tanks.

The exits may also join a path way heading to the main gate.

The kitchen s should be modern and well installed with all necessary accessories

  • Donning room.

This is part of the house that mist node includes,

A small section at the corner of your living room can serve for these purposes perfectly.

  • Living rooms in two bedroom house plans.

This is the room that has to be there and with an ample space for all its activities.

The entrance to the main door opens to the living rooms.

The rooms should be designed in a way that it has three corners with windows all round the sides for proper aeration.

  • Bathrooms.

They should be positions at a place where they neighbor with the children bedroom and the living room.

The position should be favorable enough to provide privacy like; with a door separating the living room from the corridor to other rooms.

  • Patio.

This is a part that cannot be ignored in this type of houses.

There should be some things like shoe lacks at the patio which might cause unnecessary congestion in the house.

Merits of two bedroom house plans

This are houses that one feel secure enough when in them alone.

They have a very low maintenance cost hence favorable for middle class earners.

The simplest plan to draw on your own is a two bedroom house plans.