Pantry Interior Design

How is your Pantry Interior Design?The pantry is a room extending from the main kitchen where foodstuffs and dishes are kept and served. Ordinarily, a pantry means a kitchen store. Functionally, a well stocked pantry saves time and makes the cooking experience easier and fun to execute. A great pantry interior design not only gives you a peace of mind when storing your appliances, but also adds to the allure of your home interior design.

Guideline to a Great Pantry Interior Design

  • Make your pantry spacious. Nothing beats functionality and beauty of your kitchen’s pantry more than squeezed spaces and narrow entrances. Realizing that the pantry has for so long been ignored, it comes as a little wonder that many houses do not have one nor do they have a provision near the kitchen where a new pantry can be put up. You can use the following areas to construct a new pantry if you don’t have one. The idea in mind should be that the pantry should be in close proximity to the kitchen. It can be unsightly to put up a pantry far off from your kitchen that you spend so much time shuttling in between. First, you can design your Kitchen pantry at the corner of your kitchen. This can be a new structure or an expansion of an existing one. Whichever the case, you shall have added space to your great pantry interior decor. Secondly, you can use one corner of the garage nearest to the kitchen door to make a new pantry. This works perfectly especially where the garage is just beside the kitchen.
  • Proper interior design arrangement. Once you have emptied your old pantry or rebuilt one, the next step is creating a pantry interior design. To do this effectively, efficiently and at ease, you need to know what purpose your pantry shall be serving. Basically, as we defined earlier a pantry is a kitchen store. So, it’s used primarily to store foodstuffs and other kitchen appliances. To do this you can put up a few structures inside your pantry to assist you in safely storing your goods. The following structures and containers may come handy in achieving a great pantry interior design
  • Shelves: shelves are the most common form of storage in the pantry. What many people find ideal is making adjustable shelves that can accommodate different heights of objects. The shelves should be narrow for ease of cleaning and to avoid things being lost in the back. Another way to have an attractive pantry interior decor is by labeling the various shelves you have. Things are pretty and much easier to find when neatly organized. Sort out your different things and place them in clearly labeled shelves and you will have a stunning pantry interior. Another element to neat shelving is cleaning.  As you may have several shelves in your pantry, cleaning one at a time is the best way since emptying all of them at once might not be practical. You can wipe the shelves starting from the top if the shelves aren’t too dusty. Some other shelves are removable depending on their construction design. Remove it and clean it separately and also clean the walls where the shelves lie. For a complete great pantry interior decor, you may opt to refinish the shelves, re-coloring or even replacing the worn out ones.
  • Baskets: these are widely available in all sizes, shapes and materials. The traditional natural fiber baskets still remain the most popular form of pantry storage. You can also incorporate a few plastic baskets to store light things as plastics are not very durable. These baskets are usually placed atop the low shelves or hung beneath the shelves. Another way to a great pantry interior decor is by designing special spots where you can hang and highlight the splendor of your baskets.
  • Racks: racks come in handy for the storage of small packages and light items such as pans, ladles and stirring spoons. Pegboard racks are the commonest and tend to save much on available spaces. A plate rail-rack usually fixed at the top of the wall can serve both for storage and for your pantry decoration when properly designed.
Pantry Interior Design

Pantry Interior Design






Finishing to a Great Pantry Interior Design

_A great pantry interior design should not just be functional, but needs to be stylish and elegant. Just as any other interior design, the buck stops with coloring and proper lighting. Start by painting the interiors with bright gloss paint that is easily cleanable and maintains its lustre.  Such a color makes the room to look stunning and sweet.

_The other bit is the flooring one. As a tip to a great pantry interior design rather than a rule, use ceramic tiles or vinyl for flooring. The rationale behind this is to avoid cracks while food and liquid spills can hide. Cleaning a floor with dirty cracks is tough, so ensure the floor remains smooth for easy cleaning.

_Lighting.  No one can underscore the role proper lighting plays towards a great pantry interior design. In the context of a pantry, LED light would work just perfectly with glass appliances and door. Where you do your lighting you can inculcate frosted glass for a glorious touch. Another idea is to have an automated switch that switches off when the pantry door is closed. Lastly you cad add your own ingenuity in lighting to emphasize certain features of your great pantry interior decor.

Final Guide on a Great Pantry Interior Design

Lastly, your pantry should be compact. Seal all cracks, gaps and holes to keep insects and rodents at bay. The last thing you want is to play with rats and mites in your pantry. Also you can use the sticky cards to trap flies and remove it regularly to avoid an unsightly picture.

Having a great pantry interior decor can be as simple as that. You don’t have to spend a fortune on it, neither do you have to pay hefty professional fees. Just follow these primary guidelines, add your own creativity and have a Great Pantry Interior Design.