Home Electric wiring

In the finishing of our homes you can’t evade, Home Electric wiring.

We have been used to the presence of light in our homes to a point where we take it to be automatic.

It is said you will never know the importance of something not until when you lose it, the days we have a blackout in our home we realize that how essential it is.

To avoid blackout that result from our homes, you have to be careful in every step that you undertake,

Home Electric wiring safety codes.

Home Electric wiring

Home Electric wiring

These are the globally recognized codes that are used to enhance the safety of the people and property from shock and fire.

The codes are put on the wires to make them globally recognized by any user that deal with them.

There are three types of cables that are commonly used that include; phase, neutral and protective earth/ground.

The codes on these wires are:-

  • Phase – brown, red and yellow.
  • Neutral- blue, white and grey.
  • Protective earth/ground- green.

These codes might differ from country to country but this are the most common codes that are used.

Methods used in Home Electric wiring.

These are the ways that are used to spread electricity in a home.

They depend on various factors like:-

  • The national and local regulations.
  • Environment which the system must work in.
  • The size of the building or occupation sharing the source.
  • The intended purpose of the power and the amount needed.

They can be categorized into two major categories.


  • Early wiring methods.


These are the methods that were used on the past days when technology had not yet taken root.

1. Knob and tube wiring.

This is the type of wiring that was conducted through two distinct wires.

The wires have lesser conductors in them thus not very effective especially in conducting large amounts of power.

The wires are set apart from each other to avoid shorting.

2. Metal-sheathed wires.

These cables are joined to form one thick wire but have a similar make up to that of the knob and tube wiring.

  • Modern wiring methods.

This are the methods that have been modified work well in all power supply categories including where large supplies are needed.

They are also safer since they are well insulated and have large amount of conductors that hold large withdrawal of energy at a time.

Aluminum conductors are used in this wiring due to their advantages of being light and swift in conducting.

The systems are connected to some safety gadgets that are used to avoid accidents like fire.

Some of these gadgets include circuit breakers and fuses.

Importance of upgrading a Home Electric wiring

You need to check out on the system time after time to ensure that everything is working out well.

Some time you need to upgrade the system to cope up with the additions of gadgets you might have in your home.

This will be of great importance as listed:-

· Safety

As you add the gadgets in your home of which some may require very high voltage supply, the system may fail to sustain it fully.

To avoid occurrence of this accidents you need to upgrade your wiring system to cope up with the increase in demand of power voltage.

Put up more circuit breakers where necessary to manage any short circuiting that may come along.

Home Electric wiring cannot be avoided, to ensure that you will always be safe as you use your electricity at home involve a specialist in the wiring.

You should call the specialist to upgrade the system after some time to ensure that you benefit and feel safe on you Home Electric wiring