maintenance of plants in Kenya

Maintenance of plants in Kenya is a long term process? This process starts from the basic parts of planting the plants. To many this step is taken with very high spirit but diminishes gradually as time goes by. Don’t you know that gardening takes a lot of discipline just like other jobs? If you are not ready to regret your hard work and investments of money and time ,learn to be disciplined in all your garden work.


Maintenance of Plants in Kenya

Maintenance of Plants in Kenya

Tips on maintenance of plants in Kenya

  • Planting the seedlings

A professional procedure is followed to  enhance chances of survival of the plantations after planting. A step to step procedure is followed for ever tree planted:-

  • Digging  a hole

The hole dag should not be very deed because the plants are still young and small. It should be wider than dispensary to accommodate all the roots of the plant without squeezing them.

  • Pruning roots of the plant

Some roots are damaged beyond the survival limit thus need to be removed. The roots that are too long can also be cut short. In case the whole of the plant is damaged the plant should not be planted.

  • Planting in the hole

The plant should be set at approximately same depth as it was in the nursery . This prevents too much squeezing of the plant or falling down if planted too shallow. Then begin to  fill the hole with pulverized top soil. Shake the tree well as you put the soil to fill the holes between the roots of the plant. Tamp the soil firmly around the hole,finished soaking in, fill the hole with soil.

  • Fertilizing the plantation

Many  people overlook  fertilizing of in door and garden  plants  at if they are not plants like any other. Fertilizer is a basic aspect in growth  and flowering of all plants thus the home plantations . All plants that do well  be it  indoor or outdoor they  have had enough supply of fertilizers or  organic manure.                                                                                                                                                                              There are two different types of fertilizers:-

  • Liquid fertilizer This is a perfect form of fertilizer that can be added  in the water when watering the plants. It is fast dissolving and its nutrients are absorbed by the plant easily. This fertilizer has to be applied time after time thus more demanding.
  • Solid fertilizer Due to various factored this fertilizer has become the most popular that majority of farmers and gardeners use.  They are coated with an outer coating that opens up slowly releasing the fertilizer bit by bit. It can serve the plants for a period of up to three to fort months. It has a limitation but in the long run the cost compared to the others it is much cheaper. When applied in large amounts its acid can harm the plantation that may even cause death to the plant.

Maintenance of plants in Kenya


Pruning can make a very great difference to a plant in its appearance , flowering and fruit bearing. By pruning one is able to control the height and width of the plants in the garden.  Different plants have different ideal times for their pruning .   This is because some are flowering others are fruit bearing  and others are just shrubs

  • Pruning flowering plants. This is the most tricky type of plant to prune  .In most gardens the plants get noticed  only when the flowers have opened up and people start realizing how far they have overgrown. Pruning them at that time destroys the whole beauty for the flowers are all cut down. The flowering plants should be pruned at their dormant stage  when no flowers are on sight. It should be done early enough to give the plant enough time to produce the buds that later open up to flowers.
  • Pruning  fruit plants They are pruned  immediately after the last fruits have faded away. This pruning is done to remove broken branches, reduce over clouded brunches and cut off  unnecessary lateral branches growing. The branches of fruit plants should be well spaced to give room for the fruits to grow large up to their limit.

parting short on maintenance of plants in Kenya

plants in a garden have to be given very high maintenance to have a persistent good look.  Your garden will never be the same again if you agree on this little fact on  maintenance of plants  in Kenya.