Grass in Kenyan gardens

Grass in Kenyan gardens brings the perfect finish to a garden. In fact most homes in Kenya have a portion of their gardens planted some grass.

But there is one worry that never seizes to be in every homestead I visit. How expensive is it to maintain just a small portion of grass.

Why are we interested to cheap things to these extremes of going to the neighbors and getting that same class that is almost dead?

Don’t we know that cheap is expensive?

The cost of reviving the grass and maintaining it out ways that cost of purchasing good grass in Kenyan gardens that suit.

Factors to consider in planting Grass in Kenyan gardens.

grass in kenyan garden

grass in kenyan garden









Take time to do this simple research to avoid future frustrations.

  • Environment of where you live.

Being in arid environment doesn’t mean that you have to struggle and spend a lot in maintaining it.

There is a wide variety of glass that is made to do well in such regions.

Some varieties like sod have done perfectly well in arid regions.

  • The anticipated use of the lawn

The grass can be planted for short term purposes like on a land that will be eventually put up some constructions.

This helps you to determine the quality of grass to plant in your garden.

Remember to consider the maintenance cost in all choices that you make.

You should also consider the difference between the ways the grass grows.

Some grow too high others at the ground level and others have a short life span.

  • Financial position

There are different types of grass where each has its own advantages hence different costs.

The level of your purchasing power directs you on what type of grass in Kenyan gardens to buy.

  • Selecting the grass

On doing some research on this you will realize that there are various categories of grass that you can choose from.

With close consideration of the out listed factors you are assured of coming up with the best selection of grass for your garden.

Types of Grass in Kenyan gardens

Its time we got out of that cocoon of knowing the existence of one type of grass that has been revolving around the neighbor hood for years.

Be the one to bring that change in your garden.

  • Kikuyu grass.

This is a type that does well in warm conditions with less maintenance.

In moderate temperatures, it thrives and spreads out quickly to form a perfect ground carpet.

Providing some bit of shad to the grass has proved to be perfect remedy to ensure it remains ever green.

It can be able to recover from injuries and wilting within a short period of time.

It requires a regular mowing due to its fast rate of growth.

It can be identified with its light green leaves with a course texture.

  • Wheat grass.

This is a unique type of grass that is used for food purposes.

To all those who like eating fresh foods, have wheat grass in your garden. Enjoy these advantages of vitamins and enzymes right from your garden.

Bellow are some of its advantages:-

  1. Cleansing and addition of blood
  2. Muscle building
  3. Healthy skin and hair.
  4. Builds body immune
  5. Dissolves tumor.
  6. Lowers blood pressure.

It is planted in small containers or on a small piece of land prepared like a nursery.

They are harvested and squeezed to extract the juice that is taken.

  • Sod grass

This is a unique type of grass that is also referred to as instant grass since it gives a new lawn to        your garden within no time.

Some land preparations are needed to ensure that the desired impression is archived.

  1. The process takes place as follows:-
  2. Remove the existing lawn from the land and dig it deep
  3. Break up all the compact soil.
  4. Spread out a starter fertilizer over the loose soil.
  5. Spread out some compost organic manure.
  6. Mix them up with the soil uniformly.
  7. Level the soil with a tool like rake and remove all large debris.
  8. Use a heavy roller like a drum to finish on the leveling.
  9. Spread the rolls of sod on the land.
  • Turf grass.

This is similar to sod grass but it is made to be hardier to suit its purposes.

They are larger than sods.

They are used for purposes like; football, golf, tennis and recreational activities including resting.

Concluding remarks on Grass in Kenyan gardens

Try and put up one of this grass covers in your garden and you will get something you will always be proud of.  Visit our site homesbeauty.com for more information on Grass in Kenyan Gardens.


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