Garden Lighting in Kenya

What do you understand about Garden Lighting in Kenya?

garden lighting in Kenya

garden lighting in Kenya

Garden lighting in Kenya is one of the most crucial aspect in landscaping and yet the most ignored by majority of the gardeners and home owners.

I too ignored this aspect. May be i never Knew it was important because i had no experience of a dark environment. this was until i move to my home in the outcast of Nairobi.

one night i went out side to collect  my daughter’s bicycle and i was really scared to see how dark it was outside.  I sincerely hated the new environment and wished i knew. I thought of moving again but that was not a solution.

I called people close to me to give me advice but they could only add salt to the injury. The idea of lighting my garden came into my mind. I therefore installed garden lights in my home and my life has never been the same again. You may be in the same situation but am here to give you a solution to your problem once and for ever.

Garden lighting gives your garden a perfect look at night.

Tips on Installing a Garden Lighting in Kenya

  • Garden lights are placed in various positions depending on the purpose of the part of the garden .they have to be professionally installed to bring out an appealing outlook.
  • That scarily appearance of the huge trees around your garden can be changed to a beautiful site that one can spend hour’s starling at just by lighting them up. The garden gets a brilliant grow that brightens up the entire homestead.
  • The path ways can also be lit up. the lights are placed at low level along the path; this brings a balance between the upper lighting and the lower lighting forming a perfect match.
  • The exterior house walls and the path walls can also be installed with slightly bright lights that create a welcoming surrounding.

There are various types of garden lighting :-

-security/flood lighting

-patio lighting

-path and drive way lighting

-swimming pool lighting

-outdoor lighting

The lights can be placed at various positions depending on the intended purpose. They can be positioned on:-

.walls          .garden lighting poles        .on trees       .at ground level          .in/on portable vessels      atc

For energy conservation solar energy can be used by installing solar panels at home.

There are various categories of lights that are used for garden lighting that bring out the desired impression.

Categories of Garden Lighting in Kenya

1. Rechargable Lights

garden lighting

rechargeable lights

They are highly portable hence can be used to light any part of the garden to owners desire.

They can be placed on tables like in gazebos teat furniture and canopies, at the patios or around the swimming pool.

2. Lanterns

This is lights that are enclosed in a water proof glass casing.

They can be placed at various positions:-

.corner    .hanging   .wall   .pillar/posts


3. Flood/security lights

They are designed to create a safe and well illuminated garden.

garden lighting

flood/security lights

They are water proof, weather resistant and can be installed with some features like motion sensors, off and on timers, temperature compensation and revolving lights.




4. Step lights.

Used to light the stare case.

5. Underwater lights

Want to make your swimming pool and water pool amazingly brilliant. Lighten then up with some professionally designed underwater lights.

They emanate bright white colors that penetrate through the water,creating bluish appearance that is so appealing to the eyes.

garden lighting

underwater lights

They are well modified for installation in the water.

To conclude on Garden lighting in Kenya

Let us all embrace the idea of Garden lighting in Kenya for good security and beautiful environment.

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