What are Fans? It is common to have the temperatures in our houses raising to unbearable limits.Fans have saved this situations for long.

Being in the house on sunny day or even in the evenings becomes so much hectic.

Having a fan propelling the air around your house changes the environment to a cool and friendly one.

A fan uses just a simple technique of pushing the warm and less dense air upwards while the cold dense air comes towards people.

A warm air on the upper side later escapes through the ventilation in the house.

There are various types of Fans:-

Hand fan



This is the oldest form of fan that was commonly used by the royals in the Japanese and Chinese states.

They are designed to be easily held in the hand and with little propulsion they serve the purpose of air conditioning to the maximum.

There are many types of hand fans of which some include:-

  • sandalwood.
  • silk fan.
  • personalized fan.
  • paper fan.

2. Ceiling Fans.

Currently this is the most common type of fan used in our homes.

They are usually propelled by electricity.

This fan is switched on and off using a switch but with advancement in technology,they have been modified to a remote controlled model.

With a remote control,you have the comfort of controlling environment around you just by a touch of a button.

ceiling fan can be grouped t categories such as:-

  • Hunter ceiling fan.
  • decorative ceiling fan.
  • low profile ceiling fan.
  • outdoor ceiling fan.
  • kid ceiling fan.

3. Table Fan.

Do you feel you need that cool environment around your study table,dinning table or even the office table?

A table fan will do.

They are made with a small firm stand that holds them firm on the table.

They can be controlled on factors like the rate of propulsion,the direction they face and others are set to rotate around its fixed point.

4. Electric fan.

This is fan of any type which can only function when connected to an electric source.

They save the users from the tiresome activity of mechanical propelling and still serve a large area at a time.

the source of electrical energy does not matter provided it will be adequate to propel the fan.

5. Wall fan.

Your house space may be limited to have ample space for placing a fan but this can easily be solved by  having a wall fan.

This fans have a small post that holds the wall at a strategic position where it will serve the whole room.

6. Stand fan.

This is the most convenient type of fan that can be positioned at any part of the house.

They can be carried t any part of the house to owners comfort.

The stands can be adjusted on their height or bent to serve a specific part

7. Exhaust fan.

This is a fan that is used to clean air around a large area that is highly populated like a hotel,disco,bank or church.

It is mostly positioned on the ground since it can also be used as beauty fan.

8.Air circulaters.

this is also a type of fan that is used to aerate a large area probably with some partitioning.

they are usually positioned on the ceiling with their exits on the roofs.

this is the most effective type of fan that is commonly used in industries to exhale any gases or excess heat.

they can be easily controlled to ensure good and constant environment in the building.

Final word on Fans

We get a lot of comfort and relaxation from just being in a cool environment with the right temperatures and fresh air.

It is impossible to have a totally friendly environment but it can be improved by simply having any of this type of fans.