Garden pods in Kenya

have you ever witnessed the transition brought by Garden Pods in Kenya gardens?

garden pods in kenya

garden pods in kenya






Yet again, here comes an interesting way of breaking the monotony of dry land and green vegetation on the entire garden.

A pod builds a new life in your garden that becomes the eye catching site for you and your visitors.

What kind of pod do you intend to have? for what purpose ?

Learn more about this and much more from us.

Steps for Building garden pods in kenya

  1. decide on the kind of pond you want to build

.Is your main concern the aquatic animals, aquatic plants or just the ululation sounds of a    waterfall?

.Well and good .Each type has its own design that is so distinct from the others.  Learn more about it and work on it.

.Remember not to make it too small it may not form an appealing impression.

2.    Select a proper location for the pod.

garden pods in kenya

garden pods in kenya








Best when built around the house where you, your family and visitors will always view it.

.Have in mind that it’s meant to beautify your garden.

.The best location is on the upper part of a slope to avoid silk from draining to the pod.


3.   Determine the size of your pod.

.The size of the pod is mostly affected by the size of the garden, the type of pond intended to be built and the financial ability of the owner.

.The size should be big enough to accommodate all desired features and those that may up come in future.

4.Design your pod to the desired shape.

garden pods in kenya

garden pods in kenya









-They have different designs but no specific shapes.

.The waterfall pod slopes towards the side with a waterfall.

.the aquatic plants and animals are deep and wide.

.Some pods like aquatic plants pod can be designed in large pots.


5.  Install external pod filter/skimmers.

.They help to maintain the water in the pool clean.

.The filters are used to remove large dirt particles and the skimmers to excavate minute particles that escape the filters.

6.  Carpet the pond with a pond underlayment.

A paper sheet can be used as an under lament. Such a material is impermeable to water.

This helps to improve the water retention of the pods

7.  Reinforce the underlayment with a rubber pond liner.

.This rubber pond liner helps to protect the paper sheet from getting torn.

.It unfolds the wrinkles on the paper leaving only the necessary.

8.  Design the waterfall and the drainage streams.

garden pods in kenya

garden pods in kenya






The water fall should not be too large, this may result to much unnecessary noise.

.There should be an inlet drainage and an out let drainage to the pond.

9.  Finishing

Done to owners wish and preference.

.Large blocks of stones can be put into the pond. The black rocks from the rivers are a perfect example.

garden pods in kenya

garden pods in kenya






.Small pebbles can also be put in the pond.

.On the sides of the pond some plantations can be planted or proper arrangement of stones can be done.

  • N.B

  • The pond should not be planted under or near trees to avoid littering.
  • the drainage system should be checked regularly  and cleaned to open up the system.

to all proud owners of garden pods in Kenya to be

the wise mensaid “happiness is not having what you want but wanting what you have.

why shouldn’t you make this decision of being on of the proud owners of garden pods in Kenya?