Room Interior Ventilation

What is Room Interior Ventilation to you? On many missions of community work, I visited an elderly home. The experience was great but when the thought of the poor ventilation of the rooms come back to me, I hate it. The rooms were very smoky and the breathing was I struggle to me. Besides that I constantly wept when I was near the smoky rooms.

Many houses have poor ventilation and air circulation especially in the rural Kenya.

Ventilation is the process of exchanging air in any given space of a room or house ii order to provide high air quality; control temperatures, remove dust, smoke, carbon dioxide, and moisture and allow oxygen.

Poor ventilation of a room for instance make the room be stale by having unpleasant smell as well damp develops on the walls, floor and the ceiling of the house.

Types of Room Interior Ventilation.

Ventilation includes good and efficient circulation of the air in the room and the outside. There are two different types of ventilation based on how it operates and how the process of ventilation takes place.

1. Natural ventilation

It is the type of ventilation where the air and wind breezes and the changing temperatures of the room promote the ventilation of the room by getting in and out of the building.

It is also divided into two categories: buoyancy and wind.

Buoyancy ventilation happens to be the most preferred and commonly used form of natural ventilation where it mainly depends on the changing temperatures.

On the other hand the wind ventilation usually makes use of the cold and warm breezes that enter and leave the room through the opening in the building.

2. Forced/ mechanical ventilation

It mainly uses fans to control temperatures and the aeration of the room. Unlike the Natural ventilation it uses a lot of energy and there may be occurrence of pollution where there is emission of CO2 gas.

However there is also another type of interior ventilation that is a combination of mechanical and natural ventilation (hybrid ventilation) that has one aspect of a fan and uses openings of the house as well.

The relationship between Room Interior Ventilation and Interior Décor.

Room Interior Ventilation

Room Interior Ventilation








This is a type of  Room Interior Ventilation where is also promotes the interior décor of your house. Think of a fan hanged on the ceiling and the decorations with it that may be

Installation of fans offers a wide range of unique and interesting look for your room interior ventilation. Interior ventilation is usually associated with mere interior embellishments and wonders. It is very difficult to know and decide on the particular fan to install having in mind that today fans have different sizes, shapes and design depending mainly on their use.

For Room Interior Ventilation, ensure that the type of fan you choose enables you develop the spirit of individual likings and tastes. Therefore, plan in advance with the help of factors like practionality and your budget.

When building a house ensure that it has good openings like ventilation holes on the wall, windows and doors to allow natural ventilation.

House Building with Room Interior Ventilation.

Building a house has never being an easy task and therefore one has to consult a number of experts in different fields and one of them being a ventilation personnel.

The interior ventilation of your house is very important since it ensure that damp does not accumulate to the walls, floor and the ceiling of your house as well as giving the house a chance of having optimum temperatures. Any ideal home has a comfortable and elegant ventilation environment worth living during the cold weather where it is not the idea of having air conditioners and heating systems.

Interior ventilation installation and usage depends on where you are living, the situation of your house, the height of your ceiling and walls, the sizes of your house’s rooms and the materials used to make your house. Think of these elements and check out the problem with your interior ventilation and make effective changes to it.

Final comment.

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