Electrical Cookers in Kenya

Electrical cookers in Kenya are the most popular used cookers in the world today this is because it is simple and convenient for the user.

I recently replaced my cooking system by installing Electrical cookers and trust me I love it.

Cooking has now become easily without much fatigue or difficulty while cooking.

Electrical cookers are electrical powered cookers for heating and cooking food purposes. It has four stoves and one or two ovens. They also have knobs that are used to regulate the amount if temperature in the oven and the stoves.

Electrical Cookers in Kenya

Electrical Cookers in Kenya

Factors to consider when buying Electrical Cookers in Kenya

  • The fuel to use

This is the most important starting point to take into consideration when deciding on the best cooker to suit you the best. The fuel you plan to use so be readily available to the user hence convenient.

Electrical cookers in Kenya are the best to use since they are flexible. This is because they do not require any gas connection.

  • Interior décor of your house

How big is your electrical cooker and where is it positioned in the house? Electrical cookers come in different sizes depending on the need of the user.

Cookers can free Standing or built in as one of the main parts of the kitchen. The best position is the free standing since it allows you as the owner of the house customize your kitchen interior at will with ease. Electricity as the way of using cookers is advantageous since it does not pollute the interior decor of your house as well as make the house untidy.

  • Energy Efficiency

Your Electrical cookers should be energy efficiency in that it should allow you to do the cooking process with ease where less energy is used.

Cooking of the food should be fast in order to save energy that is consumed.

  • The cleaning assistance

Cleaning of the oven of your electrical cooker can be divided into three main step that include

  1. Oven with easy interiors
  2. Oven with catalytic liners
  3. Oven with Pyrolysis

The most effective way is using the Oven with Pyrolysis self cleaner. It is found in the most expensive cookers.

It works by the oven heating up to 500 degrees/centigrade that turns all spills and strains on the cookers to ashes that can just be wiped off when it cools down.

Types of Electrical Cookers in Kenya

There are different types of electrical cookers depending on the way they are efficient and convenient to you as the user. Here are examples of electrical cookers in Kenya where each cooker has a different role. All of these kitchen appliances help your cooking to be effective and enjoyable.

1.      Rice cooker

This is a kitchen appliance that saves you the time and mess while you are cooking your rice. Rice cookers come in different sizes and it is your responsibility to choose the one that suits you best.

A good rice cooker should have a clear lid that you as the user have a chance to see how the cooking process is taking place as well letting out the air in the cooking pot.

2. Slow cookers

This is mainly the electrical cooker for the families that find themselves eating the fast foods a lot. They are the best to use when you have tight schedule. You only need to prepare your ingredients at any time and the place them on the crock to cook when you are away.

3. Toaster

It is one of the electrical cookers that roast meat or even bake your bread and cakes without warming up the entire kitchen.

Once the convection toasters get the circulation of coot air it cooks more evenly and fast. It can also eliminating the hot spot in the baked food.

Advantages of Electrical cookers in Kenya

Since man invented that the best way to take meals is by cooking food he has innovated many cooking appliances that are different from each other in operation and the features. Each cooker has its own advantages:

  1. They are cheap in that all persons of all social classes can install it so long as you have the electrical connection with you.
  2. They are safe to use. This is because no flame/smoke is involved to spread soot and dirt in the house.
  3. They do not require a lighter or a match box for lighting it. Electrical cookers have a push/button/turn of the knob that automatically turns on the light and the units start reading.


I challenge to make a change on your cooking methods and recommend to you that the best are Electrical cookers.Visit our site For more on Electrical Cookers in Kenya

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