Laundry Room Decoration

What is Laundry Room Decoration? Do you enjoy doing your laundry as much as you enjoy cooking? For many, laundry is often a daunting task that seems too dull to do. Partly it’s due to the fact that laundry room hardly receives any attention from the home owner. Laundry room nurtures no family values, so why care?  Well, gone are those days now.

Laundry Room Decoration

Laundry Room Decoration












Creating an appealing Laundry Room Decoration

  1. First thing to consider in making your laundry room décor appealing is to consider access. You have to remember that your washing machines cannot be dismantled to fit into a narrow doorway, neither do you have to demolish your house to get in.
  2. Repaint your laundry room. As a tradition many laundry room decoration may be painted white or cream. This can be violated by incorporating your favorite color shades and schemes.
  3. Proper lighting is another way to create an exciting laundry room décor. You can do this by incorporating a window to let in natural light to your laundry room. In instances where it is adjacent to the kitchen, you can design a pathway with a frosted glass panel that lets kitchen light to freely flow in.
  4. Sufficient storage is another way to enhance your laundry room’s décor. Whether your laundry room is tucked into the basement or a dedicated space just next to your kitchen, organization makes sure it’s spacious and free. The extra free space can be used to do extra duties, incorporate a few cosmetic like flowers or just remain free.
  5. For aesthetic purposes, add a few plastic plants. You can bring on palm trees that are common at the coastal areas to add a relaxed feel. Choose your plastic plants according to the aura you want to create, and that blends well with the laundry room context.

Laundry Room decorating ideas

Laundry room decoration goes beyond the aesthetic appeal. Creating a pleasant working area is also part of laundry room decoration. The following ideas have been proven to ensure that you enjoy your time in the laundry room

  1. Keep well stowed supplies. Organization is the key here. Keep all accessories and detergents in place, the detergents can be poured into containers and kept away safely. Keep sponges and all bleaches and stain removers on a shelf. If your space allows, you can add a few cabinets for extra storage.
  2. Do thorough sort out. This calls for the need to have baskets in your laundry room. Baskets help in sorting out your laundry and also in clearing the mess in your laundry room. Label the baskets as for darks, lights and those for dry-cleaning. Additionally, each basket can be tagged with individual family member’s name. This makes everyone sort out their clothes so that you don’t have a large pile of dirty clothes again. These baskets and bins are placed on open shelving constructed above the sink.
  3. Finishing and storage area. Designate an area where you ironing, folding and eventual storage of your clothes take place. The most ideal place is setting a separate room or in the airing cupboard where you store the clothes. The ironing table should also have a designated place to avoid too much hassles, keep everything a routine.
  4. Utilize the small spaces. This is achieved by use of multi-purpose racks. The unit usually consists of laundry bags, and a hinged shelf. A retractable clothes wire is a smart way to hang excess clothes and remove it when not in use. The other way is putting washers and dryers in a separate mudroom, where you can do the dirt work there and conveniently conceal them when you done, by folding the doors in front of the appliances.

Laundry Room Decoration care

Creating a good laundry room décor is one thing, while maintaining the same standards is another thing. You don’t want to leave your excellent laundry decoration to degenerate back into a mess within a few months of make-over. So how do you do that?

  1. Deep cleaning: once you have finished doing your laundry, ensure that the laundry room is thorough washed. Ensure that you disinfect all the appliances and the entire room to keep off germs. You also use special fragrances to keep it smelling nice.
  2. Clean the washing machine and dryer. Use warm water to clean the surfaces and gaskets of your appliances. Hot water and vinegar is also recommended to remove grime on the interior of the machines.
  3. The window panes should also be cleaned to allow light penetration. As part of maintaining interior décor, add color and smell accents to keep the room fresh and warm.
  4. Put a bulletin board for all washing instruction that you wish to keep at your fingertips, and you wnt followed by the others to keep your laundry room organized and neat all the times.

Finally on Laundry Room Decoration

just like any other art, is perfected by practice and creativity. Add your own personality to your laundry room décor and enjoy spending your time there. The objective is to create an aesthetically endowed room, and one which meets all your needs.

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