Beauty Salon Designs Kenya

If I may ask you how would you give a description of Beauty Salon Designs Kenya?

Promise me you will have a look at Ashley Salons and Beauty shops and you will discover. The salon is well located at a strategic position that attracts clients.

A salon is the place we have our hair and the body dressed in a way that is pleasing and attractive both to us and our mates.

So being a hair dresser you need to have a have a nice pick of the salon layout and designs what matches perfectly well with the looks and the target of your audience you are advocating for.

Beauty Salon Designs Kenya

Deciding on a Beauty Salon Designs Kenya layout

When deciding on the layout of your Beauty Salon Designs  you need to take of factors like space into consideration. Your salon must have all the required equipments of the job so minding your space is a key factor, whether you are on the rental ground or you own it.

Like in the house the salon should not be clustered or congested at any cost, this is because the interior of your Beauty Salon need to be tidy and cute as well as to allow easy movement of your clients, visitors, employees.

Besides that you should also consider the diverse range of services that are offered in your Beauty Salon Designs. These include the receptions area, pedicure and manicure points, massage area, hair cutting and coloring area among many others.

The reception happens to be the first point that one get in touch with. A good placed Beauty Salon Designs reception is inviting and capturing. It should therefore be spacious in order to allow customers to lounge and wait for their appointments comfortably.

Next comes the hair cutting position. It should be kept far from the reception. Ensure that the seats at your hair cutting and coloring area of your Beauty Salon are comfortable and adjustable. Keep your Beauty Salon clean and tidy always without any basins, soaps or chemical lying in the wrong position.

Ideas for your Beauty Salon Designs Kenya

  • Floor plan

The floor plan design of yourBeauty Salon should be spacious and not clumsy so that it can be feasible to the customers and the environment.

For good floor make sure that you use a natural earthly floor that has a motherly look; by use of tiles, stone, wood, vinyl or even marble.

However, ensure that your floor is easy to clean and maintain, how it matches with the interiors and the surroundings and finally hoe durable it is.

  • Wall treatment.

The most important is the color of your wall and the paint. The basic keyword here is the way the paint does compliment with the floor design and the entire theme of your Beauty Salon .

You can for instance, have hanging planters and different types of skippers that give the salon an herbal treatment. Let the colors you choose be modern like pink, olive, turquoise, purple and light yellow, hence a girlish look.

  • Lighting system

Once the walls and the floor are done, the next key step is lighting.Install pendant overhead lights where the massage and treatment work is performed in order to spa the looks.

You can also do the chandeliers, strobes and overhead lights that create a dreamy ambiance that is solacing and soothing to all persons in yourBeauty Salon .

  • Furniture

Beauty parlor furniture consists of chairs, beds, sofas, racks just to name a few. Your Beauty Salon Designs Kenya furniture should be well arranged.

The furniture should also be well connected to each other as well as being comfortable for relaxation purposes.

Relationship between Interior Decor and your Beauty Salon Designs Kenya

Do your Beauty Salon Designs give your customers and stunning look by the end of the day? It is the ambience of your Beauty Salon Designs Kenya that convinces your customers that this is place where beauty style oozes.

You can have table or a shelf with coffee, food or fashion magazines. Display pictures and photos of the most fashionable and popular clients you have ever worked with.

Also remember to have curtains and mats on the floor that are clean and dry. They should as well match with your Beauty Salon Designs Kenya perfectly. If the color of the main part of the salon design interiors is warm and girlish then have your curtains and mats bright and floral.

Ending comment.

It is my hope that the beauty salon design ideas Kenya explained and well discussed above have proven useful to you. You may be a professional but your interior salon design ideas may be wanting. Hence the sole reason, us Homesbeauty.com are your best friends for consultancy inBeauty Salon Designs Kenya.



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