Color names chart

Have you ever taken time to go through the whole column of color names chart?

A few days ago, I happened to do it trying to get the best color for my child’s bedroom.

After spending two or three hours still looking for a suitable color, I realized I am making no progress; in fact I was more confused than when I started.

When I decided to ask for some assistance I realized that majority of us go through the same problems trying to research.

Sources of color names chart

Color names chart

Color names chart









Surprisingly enough the sources will never lack, almost everyone have come across a copy of the names chart in the process of making the decision.

You can access it from:-

  • The paint stores.

These stores have all the names written in a chart which they use as they sell the paints.

Don’t seek any assistant beyond this because you will not benefit a lot.

  • The internet

There are so many color names columns that you can use in the internet, choose the simplest to understand.

  • From family and friends

You will be shocked to realize that almost all of your friends have the copy but with no assistant to give to you.

Walk around looking at other houses.

You will discover different colors that will guide you go through the color names chart.

This chart will leave you at a worse state than you started.

There are some ways which you can try to work out your problems.

Tips of using the color names chart.

They are meant to simplify your work by helping you stick to a specific category of colors.

  • Cut down the color name you don’t like and discard.

This is just a perfect remedy to restrict you to a specific color type that you chose from the very beginning,

You will make good decisions based on that column other than wasting time going through the whole name chart.

  • Paint the color somewhere to test it.

The colors might not appear exactly as you see then on the name chart,

By painting the original on a paper you will be assured you are making the right decision.

  • Stick to one theme.

You will realize that some different colors can be used to create same theme.

Like cool colors which create a relaxing theme. Know what you like and be strict to get it to the final moment.

This will make your work much easier.

  • Choose a color that you would wear.

You will never go wrong on your wear preference.

That is a simple assurance that you are making the right decision on the color you are choosing.

Easiest ways of choosing colors other than the color names chart.

This might be taken to be flatter but majority of us end up seeking information from other sources.

Below are some reliable sources of this information.

  • Online forums on colors.

Here is where you will find people who are also in colors and you will be able to share the little knowledge you have and end up better persons.

  • Family and friends.

Don’t go for the color names this time; enquire from then on how they did it in their houses that are already painted.

  • Ringing neighbors door bells.

From other neighboring homes visit them and humbly request for assistance, you will be assured of gathering some reliable information.

  • Seek advice from professionals.

Lastly but not the least you can get the information from this professional whose line of specialization is on colors and paints, here you will get enough information to give you the go ahead of choosing the best color.

For your information, not many people who start this process that end up getting reliable information.

They end up working on assumptions and randomly choosing colors from the Color names chart.

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