Simple Curtains Designs in Kenya

Making Simple Curtains Designs in Kenya is just as easy as that. All that you need is a curtain fabric, a sewing machine and less than 5 hours to successfully complete the project. You also need measuring devices like the tape measure to have the exact dimensions of your curtains. When it comes to designing Simple Curtains Designs in Kenya, remember that the length (from top to bottom) of your curtain is very crucial. The header is the piece of fabric attached at the top of the curtain and assists to hang the curtain on the curtain rods. The hem, on the side, is the piece of fabric attached to the bottom side of the curtain. It helps the curtain to hang smoothly and even by adding a little weight. Both should be a few inches wide, preferably equal in dimension.

How to Budget for Simple Curtains Designs in Kenya?

The amount of fabric that you are to use should be approximately twice the width of your window that you are to cover with the cover. Note that heavier fabrics have an advantage over the lighter one in that they spread evenly and without needing a big hem. The side of the curtains also need a hem , which should be just an inch to make them hang easily and elegantly.

Simple Curtains Designs in Kenya

Simple Curtains Designs in Kenya








Ideas on how to make Simple Curtains Designs in Kenya

  • Measuring the dimensions of the window that you want to cover should be the first thing. A tape measure, or generally a string works pretty the same. It is highly recommended that you add 10 extra inches to the actual measurement to cater for overhang, the header and the hem. And besides, the slight folds in curtains give them their appeal and allure, thus you don’t want a perfectly straight and fitting curtain.
  • Make a consideration for putting two panels. This may be necessitated by two factors namely; the size of the window and aesthetic appeal. Some windows are too large to fit a single panel. Hence the need for a double-panel curtain is inevitable. Another advantage for a two panel curtain is that they are smarter and more appealing to your interior design than a one panel.
  • Visit a fabric store with your measurements. This is better because you will find a variety to choose from and that they offer after sale services, or do at discounts if you buy in bulk.
  • The next idea is cutting your fabric into desired lengths and ironing it out. You may have to use pins to help you iron out.
  • For the side hems, it is even simpler. All you need to do is to pin the hem at 0.5 inch, since we said an inch should be enough for the side hem. Then pass the iron over and create a crease.
  • By so doing, your curtain just needs a few more final touches like straightening out the hems and if you have curtain rods, you can launch the curtains.

This piece has demonstrated on how to create  Simple Curtains Designs in Kenya and seamless curtains. these are the simple custom curtains that don’t have much work to do.

How do you make Lined Simple Curtains Designs in Kenya?

Lined simple curtains have the advantage that they are usually better in appearance and give your homes interior design a professional touch. The way to do them differs slightly with that of the other type but their benefits are numerous. Lining works excellent for light material and medium material curtains, and provides insulation, shields the curtain from the damaging nature of the sun and makes the curtain hang better.

Steps to creating  lined Simple Curtains Designs in Kenya

  1. Cut the fabric to the size of your curtain. Once you have the cloth, stitch in the lining and make your marks accordingly.
  2. With the cloth and lining together, use a sewing machine to sew them together firmly.
  3. After doing that, you realize that the seams tend to turn to the wrong side, just press them and return them to normal.
  4. Make the top edge neat and firm. This ensures that the curtain is strong and sturdy.
  5. Pleat the curtains. This is simply pulling the loose cords until you get the required width. Also don’t cut the loose ends, tie them together and leave them as they are.
  6. Hem your curtain as the final step. And the curtains are ready for use.

Care and cleaning your Simple Curtains Designs in Kenya

Washing your curtains is a simple task if you make a habit of washing them before they get too dirty. Washing them on a weekly basis has been considered the best timing so far.

1. Weekly cleaning.

Note it is cleaning as opposed to washing. Cleaning includes even vacuuming the dirt prone areas of your curtain like the hems and folds. Similarly you can use a wet cloth to remove the sticky particles after vacuuming. Weekly washing makes the curtains to fade and weaken the fabric, in addition to being very cumbersome.

2. Dry cleaning.

There are those curtains whose fabrics require just dry cleaning, nothing less. Make sure that you follow this to maintain the strength and appeal of your curtain.

3. Machine washing.

This is the simplest and least labor intense form of cleaning your curtains. What you should always ensure is that you wash them in delicate settings and cold water to keep intact the fibers and colors as original as possible. This too prevents shrinking of the curtains.

4. Steam cleaning the curtains.

This is done using small hand-held steam cleaners. The way to do it effectively is to ensure that your curtains are compatible and won’t have any problem.

5. Drying your machine washable curtains.

Drying using the dryer is the commonest and most effective way of drying your curtains. However, dry them with low heat, the tumble dry for longevity reasons. Don’t wait until they are totally dry, but remove them while damp and hang them on the rods. That way they hang better and show the folds and creases.

You have no reason to cite cost as the hindering factor to a great interior design via curtain decoration,With that guide on how to make and care for your Simple Curtains Designs in Kenya.

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