Outdoor kitchen garden

Outdoor kitchen garden? Right through the window of my kitchen that is just above the sink, I gaze at my kitchen garden.

As far as I am concerned I see a perfect piece of land lying just beyond my eyes.

Surely edibles can also create beauty, having my whole garden fully staffed with fresh flowers of all colors I still realize something unique in the home garden.

This is just a small portion of your garden that you just plant exclusively what you like eating.

Due to its small size less efforts is required in its maintenance, for sure those who have it can tell that it is exclusively fun.

Surprisingly I have seen it help to a big deal when I am financially broke or short of time to get some basic cooking ingredients like onions.

I have heard of others who have made money from their home gardens.

Kitchen gardens can be categorized depending on what one likes and have planted on it

Types of Outdoor kitchen garden.

outdoor kitchen garden

outdoor kitchen garden

As said above your kitchen garden is determined by the plantations in it.

· Vegetable kitchen garden.

These are the kitchen gardens that are mostly positioned right beside the kitchen.

All the plantations in it are slovenly for use in the kitchen.

You might not have a large piece of home garden but having this type of garden have been the only solution for this kind of situations.

The pride of having some few vegetables got directly from your garden is just inevitable.

These gardens require good maintenance but due to their small size you spend less time attending to them.

· Herb kitchen garden.

Herbs are well known for their diverse functions that include; discouraging pests, producing pleasant scents, providing some medications or the most important in the kitchen, adding flavor to foods and drinks.

This is a special type of kitchen garden that can be planted at any part of the garden depending on the type of plantation planted such scent producing plants.

· Portage kitchen garden.

These are gardens that have both edibles and none edibles, its prime purpose of planting is prestige and the beauty of the flowers of the plants.

With proper maintenance, one can get the benefits of getting food from it.

These are the outdoor kitchen gardens that require minimum maintenance thus very economical to have.

Planning Outdoor kitchen garden.

To have an outdoor kitchen garden that is appealing to the eyes and that you will leap maximum benefit from have to be queen in determining its plan.

1. Soil texture and fertility planning.

You have to determine the best soil texture for the plantations you are planting.

The fertility of the garden has to be prime factor to consider having a good garden.

Organic manure works very well in= this gardens since it has no side effects to the plants or the people who will consume the vegetables.

To have locally may be organic manure at your home you just have to dig a hole and collect all the waste pieces of soft plants and bury them in the hole.

After some time remove the waste and you will get readily formed manure.

2. Planting techniques.

Here you determine the type of garden to have, is it the normal type or a raised bed garden.

Raised bed garden are given higher consideration like the containers due to their portability.

3. Companion planting.

This help to know the effects of planting different types of plants together.

This reduces the occurrence of diseases and infections or even pests and an easy time when giving the plantations some treatments like spraying.

Maintaining Outdoor kitchen garden

These gardens require maintenance just like other plants and gardens.

You have to prune then when necessary and apply pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers when needed.

You might not have the time and resources to maintain a large garden in your home but you cannot fail to maintain a small Outdoor kitchen garden