Best Tv Stands with mount design in kenya

Televisions is the most popular site in our living rooms thus the TV stands holding it is also commonly seen.

The TV stands should be places at a location where the TV does not reflect direct sunlight from outside.

They are slightly high to allow free and easy watching by everybody at any part of the room.

Since their main purpose is to support the TV they should be designed with some provision to screw the TV in them to hold it firm.

Other gadgets that it supports are in cabinets thus don’t require screwing.

Tv Stands designs

  • Tv Stands

    Tv Stand







  • Small simple portable.

This are stands that are just enough for the TV and the other gadgets like decoders and DVDs that accompany it.

They are made with a firm base that is stable enough but to enhance the safety of the TV they have some provisions of screwing the TV on it.

They are ideal for small rooms since they reduce congestion.

  •  Stand with drawers and cabinets.

These are stands that have enough space for DVDs, decoders, radio systems and their speakers.

They are large and less mobile thus placed at a place where they require little or no movements.

A corner in the room is an ideal location

  •  Corner design structure.

Having a small living room does not limit you from having a large TV stand that can contain all your electronics.

Mounted Tv Stands

  •  Hanging the TV.

The TV stand is just small behind the TV that is screwed securely on the wall to hold firm the gadget.

The cabinets holding the DVDs and the decoder can also be fixed below the TV stand to have the whole set up fixed on the wall.

  • A wedge your TV.

These are small portable TV stands that have some wheels that can move in all the directions.

The wheels can be disabled when the stand is positioned at the suitable location to avoid unnecessary movements.

The TV is fixed on the stand firm enough to allow these movements without easy falling.

  • Dressing the TV.

These are the TV stands that are made with a cabinet where the TV fits well.

The stand has some other drawers that are not closed on both the front and back sides where the DVDs and decoders are placed.

They are tall enough to have the TV at a relatively high height for easy viewing.

For convenience and space conservation, they can be designed to be placed at a corner of the room.

Types of mounted Tv Stands

These are the televisions that are mounted on the walls.

· Full-motion TV mounts.

This is an excellent mount where you have the freedom of viewing the TV from any angle in the house.

It can tilt upwards, downwards and sideways at owner’s convenience.

Its cost is a bit high but you get the freedom of doing all what you want including fixing some cables at the back.

· Tilting wall TV mount

This type is relatively cheap and partially mobile.

It can only move vertically which allows viewing of the TV from any position along that path directly in front of it.

Connection of cables is a bit difficult but still one doesn’t have to struggle much.

· Low-profile wall mount.

This is a cheap type of mount that is totally immobile.

It can neither move upwards down wards or sideways at the point it is fixed.

There is only one position where you can comfortably view the screen of the TV with no reflection of light.

Thou cheap when it comes to fixing cables to the television it get so difficult, sometimes you have to screw out the whole set to fix the wires.

Apart from the beauty, your TV is much more safe from accidents when supported by Tv Stands
in Kenya.