Home Fire Safety

What is Home Fire Safety ? Fire is one of the natural catastrophes that have brought down to ashes many homes that had no fire safety measures.

We have relied more on insurance covers forgetting to put up some safety measures that can prevent some of these massive destruction.

Who said that some gadgets like smoke detectors are only meant for industries, they can also do justice to our houses that are being reduced to ashes by fire on daily bases.

Having spent a fortune in constructing your home, I find it wise to spend a few extra coins in improving the safety of the home.

Measures undertaken to ensure Home Fire Safety

Home Fire Safety

Home Fire Safety

Prevention is of course better than cure considering all the effects brought about by the loss of property through fire.

The measures undertaken include:-

1. Home Fire Safety assessment.

This is a step to step process that is undertaken gradually to establish anything in your house that may cause occurrence of fire .Electricity wiring is one major aspect to check.

Try and establish the effects the fire could cause to the people and property around the spotted region to know the urgency of the correction needed.

Having evaluated all this risks you know the necessary step to undertake, you must not get any faults but you will know the regions which need some detectors or fire extinguishing equipments.

2. Installing Home Fire Safety equipments.

Never ignore your speculations; you might be surprised to realize that that same place will cause a catastrophe in your house.

Install the necessary equipments depending on the findings you got.

Types of Home Fire Safety equipments.

  • Fire extinguishers.

There are three major types to select from:-

  1. Water fire extinguisher.

These are extinguishers that use water to put off fire.

They are simply pipes connected to a reliable water source and kept standby for use.

2.  Foam fire extinguisher.

This is foam that does not support burning which is made by mixing various chemicals.

3.  Dry powder fire extinguisher.

These are a powder chemical that does not support burning, they are preferred due to their easy storage.

There are universal color codes that are used to distinguish the fire extinguishers.

  1. Water-red,
  2. Foam-cream.
  3. Dry powder –blue.
  • Fire blankets.

This are specially designed blankets that are put over fire to extinguish it.

They are mostly used in putting off small fires that are just starting.

  • Carbon monoxide alarms.

These are alarms that detect carbon monoxide concentration as it rises.

They are chemically modified to change their color when the concentration rises beyond some limit.

You have to keep checking the alarm to know the changes occurring.

  • First aid kits.

This is a collection of equipments that are used to give first aid.

They are mostly put together in a first aid box to serve to the maximum.

installation of Home Fire Safety alarms.

  • Fire alarms/heat detectors.

This is a gadget with a sensitive element that detects remits the rare of thermal conductivity through it thus detects change in temperatures rise.

They are of two major types:-

  1. Rate-of-rise heat detectors.

It detects the rapid change in temperatures like {6.5-8.1} degrees within a minute.

It has an advantage of detecting fires that are just starting.

2.  Fixed temperature alarms.

This is a type with a eutectic alloy that has to reach a eutectic point where it melts.

These temperatures are at an average of 47 to 58 degrees.

Their advantage is that they use no battery or any power connections.

  • Smoke detectors.

They are of two major types:-

  1. Ionization detectors.

They have an ionizing detector that detects the changes and alarm automatically connects

2.  Photoelectric ray,

Here the smoke breaks the photoelectric ray which has a relay connection to the alarm that switches on automatically.

  • Carbon monoxide detectors.

This is type that detects rise in carbon monoxide in three distinct ways:-

  1. Occurrence of a chemical reaction changing its color.
  2. Occurrence of an electro chemical reaction producing energy that triggers the alarm.
  3. A semiconductor that changes of its semi conductivity in presence of carbon monoxide.


Disasters are never predictable on when they will come, only what we can do to be on the safer side, we have to be prepared at all times.

Insurance will help when accidents have already happened but to prevent or reduce their effect when they are happening, go for Home Fire Safety