Garden flowers

It has been taken that there is no outdoor garden that can do without at least some garden flowers.

Unlike other plantations flowers have an unique natural atmosphere around them. The coloration on their flowers and leaves add to the general outlook of the garden.

This gives them a dual purpose in the garden thus people will always find inevitable to have at least some in the garden. Then the main question is; Are there specific flowers I should use?

To some extent I might say yes and in another perspective I say No for it largely depends on your own choice and preference. You can use any flowers of your choice in your own garden.

However some flowers do not do well in some environmental conditions which might limit your choice.

How to determine the appropriate Garden flowers

Garden flowers

Garden flowers

The dream of having a good garden that many people have, have been shuttered down by taking the wrong initial step of selecting inappropriate flowers for the garden.

There are various aspects that you can consider in choosing the appropriate garden flowers, which include:-

  • Using the basic knowledge that you have in determining the aquatic terrestrial and arid area plants, choose the appropriate plants for the environment in your garden.
  • Depending on the type of soil around your garden you will know the plants that do best in the soil. Some soils are more fertile, higher capillarity and have more water retention capacity.
  • Know the limits of water availability in the surrounding and which flowers can do best in such amount of water sources.
  • Know the time available to attend to the plants, there are some flowers that will require too much attention to do well, such flowers may require a full time gardener which might be quite expensive.
  • Finally you can go round the neighborhood checking on the kind of flowers they have in their gardens and how well they are doing. This will help to ascertain that your choice is the best and will automatically do well in your garden.

Designing Garden flowers bed.

Having chosen on the flowers to plant, the rest of the preparations will be dictated by the flowers.

For those plants that require much attention needs a layout that is well spaced to provide ample space for the gardener. The spacing also helps in giving space for those plants that are fast growing.

There are three types of  flower beds which give the basics of coming up with every single garden which help in making then  unique in their own way.

  1. Raised bed garden.

Here are the gardens that are most appropriate for the fragile flowers, they are lifted some way above the ground where people, animals and other things like cars can’t easily step over.

  1. Traditional flower beds.

Here is where you plant simple plants that require very minimum maintenance experience and cost.

  1. Common flower beds.

This are the flower beds that most people use in our homes where we plant the flowers in a format that those of the same color and type are planted far apart. There are some fencing around them since they are mixture of the fragile and the long term plants.

Type of garden flowers.

The plants are largely categorized on their durability when planted. The categories include:-

  • Annual garden flowers; this are the flowers that are on the gardens for one season only then they wither away. It is the most inappropriate form of plantation that require too much attention and  care.
  • Perennial garden flowers; this are the flowers that are in the garden for two periods which is roughly two years. The flowers weather in the first period and sprout the second time then the whole flower withers.
  • Long term flowers; this are the flowers that are there for as long as all factors necessary for germination are available.

This are the most basic aspects that one needs to know about garden flowers.


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