Floor tiles designs

One of the modern trends in housing is coming up with unique floor tiles designs.

The tile industry has done a very great job in coming up with great and unique types of designs; it has become very easy to have the floor of your house look totally different from any other.

Gone are the days when all the floors used to have a uniform color red, currently it has become the choice of the owner of the house. Floors play a great role in making the theme of a room.

Tiles have advantages like; are stain resistant, scratch resistant, easy to clean, and are in variety of colors and designs favoring the users to the maximum.

Tiles designs are chosen depending with a particular room.

Kitchen floor tiles designs.

Floor tiles designs.

Floor tiles designs

Unlike other rooms, the kitchen can do with any type of floor tiles design. The tiles need not to have designs since there is already too much colors in the kitchen walls, Appliances, cabinets and ceiling.

The tiles should be easy to clean and resistant to stains and heat. They should also be a bit rough to favor the excessive walking in the commonly wet floor.

Living room floor tiles designs.

This is the room where most people who visit your home will stay thus you should perfect on it to the maximum. The tiles design should be creative enough to attract attention of all people.

Of all the designs that I have come across, I spotted the contrasting color designs, this is the pattern where the tiles are designed with two different colors, like white and black.

The pattern of the tiles can be as simple as one black tile next to a white tile or with complex composure that takes time to unveil like a name or picture of animal.

Remember to match the tiles with walls, furniture and ceiling for harmony of the theme in the house.

Bathroom floor tiles designs.

These are the rooms that require to be brightened up due to their small size and the usual small window. It ought to have a rejuvenating effect to the user which gives them a relaxing effect.

The tiles should also be resistant to water stains and too much warmth; this will ensure a long span of the tiles. The joining cement should also have these qualities.

In most situations, the tiles chosen are of the same color as the accessories in the room but with proper contrasting of the colors like brown tiles to green accessories, a great impression is created.

Bedroom floor tiles designs.

The designs of a bedroom should create a relaxing mood that compels you to sleeping, the tiles designs can easily achieve this objective.

As we all know there are about four types of bedrooms which require very different types of floor designs. These types of bedroom are categorized into:-

  • Master bedroom.

This is the room that requires a simple but unique design that will serve the purpose of relaxation. A cool color like blue or grey will do in this effect.

  • Girl child bedroom.

These are the rooms that require a bit complex color composure that is preferably bright. There are some colors that are very popular to girls dressing and make up, that are referred  to as girl colors.

These are colors like pink and orange which work out for the floor of girls bedrooms.

  • Boy child bedroom.

Just like the master bedroom, this room’s floor should portray simplicity. The tiles can have a simple design composed of two cool colors. Blue and black work out well for the boys bedrooms.

  • Guestroom.

This is a room that has no specific design thus should perfectly cater for all the people.

A pattern that is made up of bright and cool colors will do in this rooms. Visit our website at homesbeauty.com for more information on Floor tiles designs.