Organic gardening basics

With the current trend in life of living a natural way, people are largely doing research organic gardening basics. This is a new way of gardening that has taken over the normal kind of gardening.

Doing things in the natural way is the solution to the many incurable diseases that are claiming the life’s of very many people in the current world. The type of gardening we have been doing was one of the leading killer agents.

In addition to this effect this is a more cheap method of gardening that will even spare much of the time you spend in gardening.

Tips on organic gardening basics

  • Know the location
organic gardening basics

organic gardening basics

There are some locations that are very strategic for the plantations in your garden, you should consider factors like safety of the plantations, the purpose of beauty to the garden and accessibility.

  • Organize a planting bed

In that specific location you still need to come up with an unique layout of the plantations, you can opt to select ways like raised bed gardening, container gardening or even the normal way of gardening.

  • Mix compost with soil

Apply the natural manure from the wastes in kitchen and other garden remains which are buried to decompose.

  • Apply biological pest control tips

There are some animals that are used to counter others that are dangerous to the growth of the plants, this animals include, chameleon, ladybirds, lacewing flies and hover flies.

Procedure of organic gardening basics

  • Know the requirements of growth of the plants

Different plants will require different environmental factors to grow; these factors can be easily identified from other plants of the same kind that are already growing.

  • Determine the type of the soil

Funny enough the type of soil is also a great factor to consider in choosing the type of plants to plant, plants will do well in the soils where the mother plant was planted if it was also doing great.

  • Mode of planting

This are factors like the spacing, the depth of the hole which the plants are put into and the initial treatments like watering manure application and pruning the destroyed plants.

  • Maintenance of the plants

This includes all the normal factors like weeding; you can do mulching to reduce the rate of weed growth. Pruning is done when the plants grow to some extent and the manure application process that is repeated regularly.

  • Other factors to consider

There are other factors to consider in organic gardening basics like the listed below.

Top factors to consider in organic gardening basics

Keep your garden clean


Beyond weeding you need to remove them from the garden and keep them to the hole where compost heap manure is made.

Manage the pests in the garden



The pests must not be fully eliminated by the biological pest control measures, you need to go further and use other methods like picking and using naturally made herbicides.

 Recycle all the waste

All the waste that you collect from the garden can be easily recycled by forming manure in the compost heap. This will help to clean the garden and save cost of buying the fertilizers.

Learn how to prevent the diseases

You need to observe the plants and know the diseases that affects them most, by this you can easily establish the permanent solution to this problem.

  Control the garden weeds

Mulching is the best way to control weeds; you need to do it in the neatest way to ensure that the desired beauty is maintained.

This are the only factors that you need to consider to make your garden outstanding, other people have done it in their own way after considering this factors in organic gardening basics.