Color wheel interior design

Color wheel interior design is a type of design based upon the work of Sir Isaac Newton who, in 1660, directed a beam of light through a prism to achieve an effect similar to that of a rainbow. Then by joining the two ends of the spectrum, he developed the idea of the color wheel.

What is Color Wheel Interior Design About?

Color wheel interior design

Color wheel interior design0

Color  interior design is all about the art of setting the mood and style of your interior paint design. It starts by asking yourself what kind of mood you want to create in the room; this will help in identifying the colors that will help you achieve this mood. When looking for color inspiration, consider the color wheel or just start looking through your favorite magazine or blogs to find colors that appeal to your eyes.

How Do I Go About in Color Wheel Interior Design?

In color wheel decorating, the most important tool that you should have is an efficient color wheel which provides you a clear picture of the contrasting colors, There are three primary colors on a color wheel- red, blue and yellow which are formed with a combination of another three primary colors-; red-orange, blue-violet and yellow-green. Apart from these you will find neutral colors like black and white and some shades of it. A color wheel will have all of these colors and a few other contrasting colors wherein the wheel will show the correct contrast for each of these colors. For instance, the best contrast of yellow will be placed exactly opposite to it so that it becomes easier for you to make the choice. The wheels are available in various sizes and color options, so choose the one you like most.

Advantages of Color Wheel Interior Design

The greatest advantage of using the color wheel is that you use a palette of various colors; it is just like placing decorations within you’re the room. The color wheel is also very flexible and can be manipulated in a number of ways to pull the look of the room, you can use different shades of color or use various color combos. As you come towards the end of the project you will see that everything blends nicely, even if you use such vastly varying hues for different things. If you do not know how it can be a big factor of decoration, research on how the color based interior design goes hand in hand with the rest of the interior designing endeavor and you will automatically understand the essential of using the Color wheel interior design.