Italian Interior Design

The Italian Interior Design is a wonderful way to enhance your home with an atmosphere that is informal yet elegant. If you love pottery, earth shades with color sprinkles and painted items that have a country feel. The Tuscany has beautiful scenery especially during autumn where the fall is in full effect, where the colors are deep red, golden yellow and crispy green.  Italian interior decoration is all about color and texture, therefore many people take this Tuscany idea into their home to create the same warm tone.

Italian Interior Design for Different Rooms


Italian Interior Design

Italian Interior Design

Design idea for living rooms

Living rooms should always be stunning and beautiful. The walls bring out a feeling of spaciousness and warmth when painted in neutral colors. The floor matches well with the walls if it is in white, black or beige Italian marbles. Steel, chrome interspersed with wood are the best material for furniture, and the materials used on the furniture should be white, black or beige. You can add in few colored pillows and painting to add flamboyancy in your living room.

Design idea for bedrooms

Use of color is very restricted only permissible for bed linens, curtains and cushions. Wooden bed without carving is preferred fabrics like taffeta in jewel tone can be used for the headboard. Keep furniture in the bedroom minimal.

Design idea for kitchen

Appliances should be sleek, stylish, in-built, ultramodern and tidy, mostly with self storage. Kitchen cabinets are closed with sleek handles and knobs, counter tops are better than tables.

Factors to Consider when Doing Italian Interior Design

  • Furniture:-the materials you choose for your furniture should be chrome, wood or steel, and the color of the fabric on your furniture should be white, black or beige. This brings out the harmony and orderliness in your room.
  • Color: –the color of your fabrics like; curtains, walls, cushions, pillows can have a bit of color to grace the room but the floor should always be white, black or beige.
  • Setting up:-the furniture in a room should be bare minimum; this is to avoid over crowding the room to maintain its space and elegance.

Why Choose Italian Interior Design?

Interior design for Italians has elegance and is unmatched by any other fashion of design; due to the earthly hues bright tone that bring warmth to your room, the painted accessories and pottery that give you eye-appeal. No matter were in the world you live in this Italian style gives you a touch and a feel of Italy.

Italian designs  will give your home a beautiful treatment, warm it up any stark and give it a spark. If you get in touch with your creative side, choose the pieces that are most appropriate it will not be hard for you to accessorize your home in an Italian Interior Design.