Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Painting Kitchen Cabinets to a smashing one is as simple as a weekend of fun filled painting, whether you are considering painting kitchen cabinets because you do not have the budget to finance new ones, or you are just a fun of painted kitchens, paint is a great way to upgrade your space.

Painted kitchens are attractive due to their combination of freshness and nostalgia. Hand painted kitchen cabinets have county charm moreover, it is an easy and inexpensive way to bring old cabinets back to life.

 Steps of Painting Kitchen Cabinets

  • Painting Kitchen Cabinets

    Painting Kitchen Cabinets


  • Choosing the best paint for you kitchen cabinets -The beauty of a painted kitchen is in the vast availability of color schemes and options. Some paints companies even offer color matching so you can supply a color sample from any item or picture and have the shade duplicated as paint. You may also take color cues from magazines, flooring, countertops or accent tiles. Sine paint is easy to change there is no reason to be shy when choosing a color but an opportunity to make a bold choice without the risk. Using the right paint for your project is essential as not all cabinet materials are good candidates for painting furthermore using choosing and using the right paint ensures the durability of the painted finish
  • Getting the right tools for the job – Just like a well written poem requires a fitting pen, so does painting entail. Even in having the right or best paint, a wrong choice or usage of tools may easily ruin your kitchen cabinet. The tools you need include:-
    • Good brushes:– for painting the edges of cabinets or hard tight reach and tight areas.
    • Short, quality roller:– When shopping for a quality roller, look for beveled edges on the roller, make sure it has no visible seams and it is rebounding to its original shape when squeezed. Start to roll the paint in the middle to avoid paint drips, and then take long strokes from top to bottom to avoid roller marks.
    • Pad applicators:– coming in a variety of sizes. They are very useful to reach tight spots.
    • Sprayers:– They offers the best coverage and the best speed to complete your project. A professional sprayer, with a reversible nozzle tip will not clog hence making it most preferable for your project.

For best results in painting kitchen cabinets

The following steps should be followed to attain a charismatic and very satisfactory painting job in your kitchen.

  1.  Remove the doors from the cabinets, and then remove the hinges and door knobs. Put a number on the top of each cabinet using a marker, and then make a map of the cabinet matching the number of the door to its exact location. If you will be changing the knobs and drilling new holes, fill the existing hole with flush sparkling compound.
  2. Sand the entire the entire surface of the cabinet doors and frames, and then remove the dust with a tack cloth or damp rag.
  3.        Prime each door front. Position one on the edge of a work surface so that two of the edges are hanging over the end. Once the two edges are done, turn the door around and finish the other two. Run your finger along the bottom of the door to remove any paint that has crept underneath. Once the front dries, flip all the doors over and repeat the process for the back. Sand the doors again to smooth out the surface.
  4.      Paint from the inside out in the same manner as above, Let dry and flip to repeat on the other side. Apply another coat, allowing it to dry completely between layers.
  5.      Once the doors have been painted, reinstall the hardware and hang each door according to its number.


Painting Kitchen Cabinets:- Maintenance

The delight in painting kitchen cabinets is actually maintaining them. You may need to occasionally touch up paint in areas that are subject to heavy wear or tear, though painted surfaces typically stand up well to everyday use and cleaning.

Gentle cleaning with water or a mild detergent should remove moist stains or spills. Avoid abrasive cleaners or “magic erasers” as they will dull the finish and require a fresh application of fresh paint to restore. Painting kitchen cabinets will surely take you on an adventurous roller coaster of glee.