How to Paint a Room

Panting a room

You may ask yourself why do people like to paint their room  while others they don’t you will find that painting is like playing with colors which at the end u will realize that u have come up with a very special thing which will be admired by many. When painting a room  someone needs  to be more careful so that the  room may  look lively and beautiful at the end of the work and also it creates a lot of attention making people wanting to know what is inside of that room and also you should consider about  the colors which you want  to use the color you use will tell more about yourself

painting a room

painting a room

Steps on How to Paint a Room

  • Cover up

You should make sure you have covered all the things which u think may be destroyed by the paint like TV, Beds, sofa set and any other valuable things you may consider.

  • Start fresh

You should make sure the place which you want to paint is totally clean for example if you want to paint a wall you should make sure the wall has no marks on it this is to avoid using a lot of paint and if you clean the wall the paint will look neat and beautiful.

  • Protect the floor with  cement papers to avoid the floor to look tidy and the paint to spread all over the room.
  • Patrol the boarders

You should make sure you patrol all over the room before you decide to paint incase you come around something which you think should not be paint you can cover it up especially the switches.

  • Color

You should make sure that you have chosen the bright color for your room to make the room look lively  or else you will be disappointed

  • You should protect the locks at the edge of the door by covering them  up to avoid the paint to interfere with them
  • You should get all the tools needed  before the day of painting
  • The wall should be of the same level to make your work easy and also to take shorter time when painting.
  • You should read instruction before starting painting to be able to know how long the paint will take to dry up
  • You should be enjoying while painting so that the work will come out to be perfect than expected.
  • Paint until you are sure the color has been spread all over the area the way you want if not repeat respectively.
  • Stay away from dust when painting to avoid destruction of your work


Reasons for painting a room

  • To make the room to look organized and neat
  • To brighten the room
  • Easy to locate the things when needed
  • Edging rollers

Things which you may need while painting

This have been design in sense that it make work easy when you decide to paint the corners of the room.

  • Paint opener

This is used to open up the paints and also it is easy to handle at work.

  • Painting clothes

You should cover yourself to avoid paint to spread to your clothes

Painting a room is the best way of making your room to look more lively.