Interior Architecture

Interior architecture is the art of designing and raising building interiors and associated physical characteristics. Another description is the precise features of a building’s interior. It may also be the preliminary design and plan.

The main disciplines of Interior Architecture

Interior Architecture

Interior Architecture

It merges three design disciplines: – interior design, architecture and industrial design.

  • Interior design: – centers on the identification of interior materials, finishes. It depicts various related projects that involve turning an interior space into useful surroundings for the activities to take place there.
  • Architecture: -this is the procedure and creation of planning, designing and construction. It also includes the aspect of finishing the building on time, cost estimation and construction management.
  • Industrial design: -it is the application of an arrangement of art and science to improve the artistic, ergonomics and usability of a product.

The principles of a good Interior Architecture

This defines important ideas about the practice of an excellent visual design that are assumed to be the foundation of all intended visual design strategies. Design essentials are the central units of a visual image which include: –

  • Space: – it is the area made available for a particular function. It includes the background, foreground and central point.
  • Line: – lines and curves are the basis building slabs of two element shapes like a house plan. Every line should have length, thickness and direction.
  • Shape: – shapes usually add interest, style, to a house. Shapes can differ depending on the functionality of each room.

Types of Interior Architecture design

Architectural design is an important part of architectural services which are required for any type of building. Interior architectural design can be illustrated in 5 various types, which include:-

  • Modern residential design: – some time ago housing plans were evaluated on paper which was very difficult. After the discovery of 2D and 3D technology it’s easy to create residential design with utmost exactness. Advantage of using 2D technique for your home designs is that you can get exact production within less time period.
  • Modern interior design: – by using modern interior models one can redecorate the interior look less cost. One can also get the exact idea of the interior arrangement. The customized 3D permits one to make changes as per his/her requirements.
  • Furniture design rendering: – it plays an important role in the interior set up. One cam organizes his/her furnishings in an improved way. Using furniture 3d models one can choose shape, curves, color and materials of your furniture.

The past few decades, architects have recognized that buildings ought to take into account their effects on the environment. For instance they include greener roof designs, biodegradable resources and more consideration to structure’s energy usage. Using these products doesn’t reduce in any way the quality of the Interior Architecture .        

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