Window Pane

A window pane is a transparent or translucent piece of glass fixed on the window of a vehicle, an aircraft or a building. The panes of a window gives a home a cool and pleasant atmosphere ,they change a house to become home. They also protect us from harsh weather  conditions like direct warmth from the sun and  cold weather conditions during winter

One may not know their importance until you spend a cold day or night in house with broken window. There are various ways of repairing broken ones and maintaining the good ones.

How do you maintain your window pane?

Window Panes

Window Pane

Most people do not basic principles that are useful when maintaining  your window. They later realize that the panes are already broken or the hinges are too firm to close the window.

  • Windows:-Before you handle any broken pane make sure your hands have an appropriate   device, this will avoid injuries caused by broken glasses.
  • Clean the glass panes using clean water and wipe the panes with a clean piece of cloth until the panes are clear.
  • Ensure that window hinges are in good condition and if they require lubrication apply a lubricant to reduce friction and enhance quick opening and closing of the window.
  • Remove any pane that may be allowing in any dust due to cracking and replace it with new one to make your house more comfortable.

How do you repair broken window pane?

There are a few steps to follow while repairing broken panes, they will help the person doing the repair to work easily and avoid injury. This is determined by type of pane on is working on.

  • Put on an essential equipment to avoid injury that may occur when the panes are broken and you come into contact with them.
  • Measure the length and the width of the window panes to be fixed to make sure that it will fit in the frame without any difficulty. This will help in saving time and minimizing wastage that may occur when cutting panes that are not fitting.

What are the significances of window pane?

There are many things that make life comfortable and windows are no exception. One may not realize this until you find yourself spending a cold day in house without or with broken panes.

  • They make the house look classic and comfortable for one to spend a day or a night.
  • They also protect us from harsh weather conditions like cold winter or hot summer and also prevent dust from entering direct into the house.
  • A house with panes is safe and it is not easy to get into it through the window especially in areas where security level is low
  • They also keep the house look modern and easy to maintain as compared to those windows made of iron which require to be painted or greasing more often.

It is time we change our home by replacing the old metallic windows with the modern Window Pane.