patios in Kenyan housing

Patios in Kenyan housing

Though patios in Kenyan housing is a common trend, we have not managed to up date them to the modern set ups.

To start with, this is a French word that means verandah.

It’s a fantastic outdoor space where people seat having a clear view of the garden and enjoying the cool exterior breeze.

That’s where we as Kenyans go wrong for we us it as a place where we leave our dirty shoes as we enter the house.

patios in kenyan housing

patios in kenyan housing












Roofing Patios in Kenyan Housing

Do you know that the patio is not part of the house?

The house roofing should be different to that of the patio.

There are various types of patio roofing:-

  1. Pergolar Roof

This is a unique type of roofing made of wood. It is designed to allow some light rays penetrate into the enclosure.

Rain and strong winds cannot affect the interior for it has a unique design.

The lower part of the roof can be reign forced with a transparent polythene paper.

Some gardening can be done in it.

  1. Polycarbonate Roof

A more fashionable cover that is made of a material called Plexiglas that rooks like glass.

Plexiglas is less fragile hence don’t easily break during strong winds or accidents.

They are made of a variety of tinting depending with the amount of sunlight needed to penetrate.

They all allow enough light for plantations.

2.Metal Roof

Metal forms the strongest patio roof that can withstand all weather conditions.

It can be painted to any color to suit user’s taste and preference.

patios in kenyan housing

patios in kenyan housing













3. Canopy and Gazebo roofs

Both canopies and gazebos can be used as patios and bring out an amazingly good combination with the house.

They are used where a temporary patio is required for they are highly portable.




4. Umbrella roof.

They are the most portable form of patio roofs that can be put up only when in use.

They are highly affected be climatic changes. Umbrellas works best only in sunny weather for sun roofing.

Raised Bed Options of Patios in Kenyan Housing

patios in kenyan housing

patios in kenyan housing







This is the form of gardening used in patios that is currently at its peak.

It’s the most home friendly form of gardening that maintains maximum neatness if well maintained.

The set up should be built using durable materials like stones wood or plastic.

Other materials like metal corrodes with time collapsing the whole set up.

The gardening is done in a similar way like that of the outdoor gardening.

Flooring of Patios in Kenyan housing

The floor used in a patio depends with the type.

Permanent flooring


patios in kenyan housing

patios in kenyan housing









In Kenya most people build this part cheaply by just pouring the usual concrete probably the remaining bit after building the house.

As you all can bear  me witness, two three years down the line, one begins noticing the mistake.

You who are building today learn from others and go the right path .

It is better you put up a temporal patio first. They are of different types:-

1. Patio Decks

This are the slightly elevated [lifted] floor mostly made of timber.

They are positioned at a height above the ground that can’t come to contact       with the ground.

2. Patio granite

This are theconcrete, wooden or baked clay bricks that are arranged in a pattern form of own choice.

3. Patio tiles

tiles thatare cool colored to create a relaxing atmosphere are most applicable.

Temporal flooring

patios in kenyan housing

patios in kenyan housing







They are installed for a short while thus should not be expensive in installation.

Patio mats is the most common type due to its high portability.

conclusion on patios in Kenyan housing

Besides building a large bungalow, building a patio adds to the comfort that one has been searching for in the whole process.

It forms the best platform to relax, seat back and watch the whole landscape of your garden.

It is time that we made patios in Kenyan housing a more appealing part in our homes.