Interior Design Inspiration

Where do you get your Interior Design Inspiration for designing your home? It is so satisfying to be able to decorate your home creating a beautifully and elegant decor. Design inspiration can be originated in all kinds of places as long as whatever the design it is pleases you and looks good in your home. By also knowing what you like and not being afraid to experiment with what you know or have seen, being willing to try out new staff may also help a lot in decorating your home.

 Sources of Interior Design Inspiration

  • Interior Design Inspiration

    Interior Design Inspiration


    The magazines:-magazines are cheap and easy to get access to, you can get interior inspiration from a range of different home magazines. Cut out photos and try to implement what you see into your home.

  • The internet:-if you have a computer in the house and you can get access to the internet, log into websites that have interior designs. Here you will get different designs for your different rooms in the house.
  • Interior designers:-visit interior designers that you may know of and see a couple of work they have done, take photos with your camera then try to implement what you see and you like into your home.

Interior Design Inspiration from Prada’s Resort Collection

Drapes and curtains:-The fabrics are not overwhelmingly long, and the colors used are moderate and not brimming or bright. For your home you can create an easy look by going for half length curtains and drapes with pastel colors with washed out dye.

Wall and table decors:-The interior decoration of the resort collection were not heavily accessorized which brought out an easy look that appears comfortable. In your home avoid over accessorizing to avoid congestion and overcrowding. Create an image of more space by using less walls, furniture and art work.

Color theme:-Prada managed to bring out an exciting look without having to use any bright color at all, because all the fabrics featured pastel hues that are easy for the eye. You can choose to use pastel color scheme to create a comfortable look in your home.

Overall mood:-The dresses of Prada resort collection have a touch of masculinity which makes it stunning. When adding furniture and light features in your home go for designs that are unisex. With less feminine flair the mood will be less intimidating.

Concluding Remarks on Interior Design Inspiration

Take time to watch the professionals work and take interest and you will find yourself doing your interior designing that will bring elegance to your home and reduces on your budget. After you have done your research and now you know where to find your inspiration, you will discover the importance of Interior Design Inspiration.