Luxury mansions

 Luxury mansions are very large dwelling houses; real estate investors define mansions as a dwelling of over 8,000 square feet. A traditional European mansion was defined as a house which contained a ballroom and tens of bedrooms in British English, Asia, Hong Kong and Japan a mansion refers to a block of apartments or flats. Today there is no definite definition of a mansion beyond being a large and well appointed.

Types of luxury mansions

Luxury mansions

Luxury mansions

Detached single-units housing-this are large houses built as single face units. They are built in their own compounds and are built to accommodate only one family. These houses are big and spacious because they are being used by only one family, because they are in their own compound there is also privacy.

Semi-detached dwellings

This are houses built separately but are attached wall to wall, this houses are used by a single family on one side and another on the other side. These houses share one compound but are mostly separated by a small fence so each family has its own entrance. This method is economical because the houses share a wall and one compound which is only separated by a fence. The families also have privacy because they have their own compound.

Attached multi-unit housing

These are flats or apartments, these houses are very economical to the investor because they share so many walls, the roofing, compound, security and other things e.g. (swimming pool.) These houses on the other hand do not have privacy at times they are overcrowded making life for you and your family uncomfortable

Type of rooms you find in luxury mansions

  • Foyer-this is the entrance of the house.
  • Conservatory-This is the sitting room, this is where people seat and relax, and reading room this is the room where you study from it should be silent.
  • Wine cellar-usually placed in the basement because this is the best place to keep wine.
  • Servant quarters-this is where the workers reside after work, it has its own stairwell to the entire house
  • Kitchen and dining room-the kitchen is where the food is prepared and served and eaten in the dining room.
  • Stores-this are for storing food or seasonal decorations.
  • Bedrooms-this are usually several and are use for resting after a long day and every member of the family has their own separate bedrooms
  • Ballrooms-this are used to hold parties
  • Theater-this is the room where movies are watched

Luxury Mansions Gardens

It would be so sad to build an enormous beautiful house in a bare place. Green color brought about by the plantations not only gives your home an elegant appeal but also creates a healthy atmosphere around your home.

A modern luxury mansion is not necessarily limited to a single standing building; a compound grouping of large houses has become popular. Visit us for more information on Luxury mansions.