Home Extension

Home Extension is the act of designing the house in a modern architectural design to increase room in the house. Today with the growing economy a lot of people have resulted to house extension since buying a bigger house or even buying land and building a bigger house has become very expensive.  House extension plans depend on the finance of the owner and also the size of the extension plans on the available space of land.

Home Extension Plans

Home Extension

Home Extension

When one decides that house extension is the right solution instead of moving, having a plan on the improvement of the home’s architectural design should be next in mind. The plan should be made according to how much space is needed then and also in the near future to avoid further expansion.Once the  plan is ready, get an approval from the authority and also find out whether your design will fit in your neighborhood. It is much preferable to have a plan of how the homeowner wants the extension to be and then submit it to the architect or contractor in charge so that the plan can be pre-screened.

Home Extension Ideas.

The most common rooms that outgrow home owners hence leading to home expansion are the bedrooms and living rooms. The family might need extra space for more family members hence home expansion for more space. Most people rely on side return extension since it is cheaper and faster. This is common because it is mainly used to increase the sizes of existing rooms like the bedrooms, kitchen and living rooms.

  • The side return extension shouldn’t be half the size of the original home according to your preferred home design and style. The side extension idea is also preferred by those who do not own storeyed houses.
  •  The single storeyed extension is also another common home extension idea. This idea adds value to the home and is also a flexible way to increase additional rooms in the house compared to moving out. This idea mostly applies when one is adding a bathroom, bedroom, entertainment extension, kitchen extension or even a study room.
  • The double storey extension is far more affordable than moving into a new home. This idea adds more value to your house, increase the accommodation and space for more room in the house. There is no big cost difference in a single storey extension and a double storey extension since the house needs a firm foundation.
  • The conservatory extension increases living space and also brings nature right into the living house hence adding more value to your house.
  • Open plan extension is also another home extension idea though it is not so common in the urban houses. This idea is perfect for a home in the rural areas. This extension idea is warm and also gives the home owner a feeling of freedom and also gives him/her the opportunity to enjoy nature in one way or another.

The Costs of Home Extension.

Well house extension is far much cheaper than getting a new house.

  • The price and cost of the house extension also varies with the extension type and also its size. House extension could also cost a little close to getting a new if the design, number of rooms added and the materials used are very expensive.
  • Hiring an architect or a contractor is also a cost when expanding the house and it also varies with the design of the extension.

Regardless of the costs, house extension is far much cheaper compared to buying or building a new house. With the growing economy house extensions are the best and most affordable for the majority of people worldwide. It is also advisable to acquire professional help when choosing the appropriate Home Extension.

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    home extentions are great especially when you need and extra space in the house this is a good idea instead of building another room. great article