How to Find and Fix Antique Furniture

Different house hold furniture gives a room a classic look, knowing how to find and fix antique furniture in your house is a great thing. Antique furniture are old high quality tables, chairs and stools that are made from hardwood materials. When for this type of furniture you should be very careful because there are imitations of such but the quality is very low. If you require any repair on your antique furniture you should ask a professional carpenter to do it since they require proper care in order to prevent them from getting further damage.

Most of the furnished tables and chairs in various homes were once very old but due to repair they can still be fixed in a room and give a better outlook.

Things to consider as you learn how to find and fix antique furniture

how to find and fix antique furniture

how to find and fix antique furniture

Some prominent business people have become the laughing stock of the village because they have learn’t how to find and fix antique furniture. What people do not realize how important those old furniture are if you are planning to find or fix antique furniture consider:

  • Condition of the furniture:-Since the stool/chair could have been stored for long without being used, check whether all the features are there. This will enable you to know where to do the repair and who to do it.
  • Check on the manufacturer’s name:-Some furniture may be very old such that tracing the name of the manufacture is not easy. The brand name may be put along the edges which give a brief description on the material used and how it should be cleaned this is possible if you learn how to find and fix antique furniture.
  • Material used:-There are antique furniture which are made from either hardwood or softwood timber and each have to be fixed at different places. They are also put in different upholstery shops each sold at different prices.
  • The cost:-The value of the antique furniture may be high but making bargains may make you obtain it at a lower cost.

Features to look into as you learn how to find and fix antique furniture

As a beginner you may not distinguish antique furniture from other types of furniture but as you learn how to find and fix antique furniture you will tell if they are truly antique. The common features of antique items are:

  • Presence of curving:-After you have gone to upholstery shop it’s good to use your hands to detect the texture of different furniture. Since most antique items were smoothed using hands they have a rough texture, if the furniture has a smooth texture leave it for its not antique.
  • Darkened wood:-The architects who made these items did not have proper methods of drying the woods so after making them the panels may fail to fit on each other due to shrinkage. The timber will also turn black after seeing such features you should quickly pick it for modification.
  • Oxidized hinges and knobs:-The metals used in making the knobs of the furniture were not properly coated therefore they were subject to rusting. Presence of brown or greenish discoloration indicates that the furniture is very old and suitable for antique business.
  • Handmade nails:-In the ancient times cut nails were the most common; these are shapeless nails that were made by blacksmiths .To get these nails the blacksmith had to cut different sizes of metal then subject them to heat and later cut and curve them after they have expanded. If you come across a furniture that is made with shapeless nails its worth picking it.

 How to find and fix antique furniture with major or minor injuries

Most upholstery antique furniture sellers have stored them for a long time therefore one must learn how to find and fix antique furniture. The injuries may be major or minor hence simple repair is required here are things to do as you tackle the task:

  • Identify the problem: Some antique items may have weaknesses like broken legs, weak base or may be stained with paint; since your aim is to restore their appearance back and modify their look you should use the best method. For instance if the chair or the table is stained with paint identify the nature of the paint and use the best paint remover. If the base of the table is weak look for professional who will restore it back to its normal form.
  • Use a proper repair method: After you have identified the problem it is good to use a proper repair method, here are few steps to follow as you apply a new finish on your chair:
  • First you should clean the furniture with clean water in order to remove any dust particles that have accumulated on them after long storage.
  • Use a clean piece of cloth to wipe the furniture until it has dried completely since the paint may not be sticky on a wet surface.
  • Use sand paper or wood scrappers to remove any stubborn stains on the wood until the surface is fully clean and wipe away the finishing.
  • Apply the finishing paint using a clean painting brush and wipe away any extra in order to obtain uniform smoothness.Paraffin diluted finishing paint is the best since it does not form cramps after being exposed to air.
  • Allow the furniture to remain in the sun for almost the whole day to ensure that it dries completely. The appearance of your antique furniture will totally change and you will fix it anywhere in the house without the worry of looking old fashioned.

It has been proven that the furniture we use today are modifications of the ancient items which were rendered useless after getting minor or major damages. Renowned business people are making a lot of money after establishing international upholstery stores where old furniture are stored waiting for reliable buyers. These shops have a wide collection of items that were made from quality timber but the work can be challenging unless you learn how to find and fix antique furniture.