Bathroom Design Guide

The main aim of a bathroom design guide is to present a variety of helpful information and suggestions on how to design and remodel your bathroom. When you want to make changes to your bathroom or making a new bathroom, it is would be helpful to first see what you will need before you commence. The bathroom design guide will help you in knowing where to put items in your bathroom and it works in all types of bathrooms.

Bathroom design guide: factors to consider

Bathroom Design Guide

Bathroom Design Guide

When you are planning to design your bathroom, there are factors that you need to consider so as to get the bathroom that you dream’t for. Here are a few bathroom design guide factors that you may consider.

  • Before remodeling you need to first list down all the items that you want to include in your bathroom. There are the obvious fixtures such as the shower, toilet, bath, and the hand basin. You also need to know where to position these fixtures and others such as the shelves, laundry basket, bathroom cabinet and the mirror.
  • Take measurements of the dimensions of the bathroom; draw a floor plan using a squared paper for your working area. Make sure that everything is drawn to scale; include all the fixture such as the pipes hot and cold water channels, drains and electric points. This will help you know what to be moved, added or removed.
  • Be sure to when choosing the right color for your bathroom, because this reflects your personality and be comfortable when using it. It’s also wise to design a theme that is timeless because if you use the exciting and extreme colors may bore you in a short period or leave you overwhelmed. It’s also best to use the neutral or standard white colors; it will help when you want to update the bathroom design later on.

Bathroom design guide: ideas for bathroom designs

When it comes to design no room in your house that should be taken for granted. As small as the bathrooms may be small they deserve better than just the white walls or the tiles in them, here are a few bathroom design guide ideas that may help you brighten your bathroom.

  • Luxury bathroom design: – in this bathroom design guide you use a lot of mirrors and glasses since it makes the room look larger especially for small bathrooms. You may use wood for the fixture.  Be thoughtful when choosing the lighting, you may use the corner lights and small spot lights so as the room may be well light. To have a complete luxurious feel choose an air freshener that will bring out the right fragrance.
  • Modern design: –  in this design you only need to make sure that the room stays clean and keep the furniture as minimum as possible and the accessories that are in the room, you may use smaller sized furniture. Don’t choose more than two colors but you may use a lighter or a darker shade of them.
  • Rustic design: – in this design you are mostly going to use wood. Use large pieces of logs to line the bathrooms walls, the bath vanities can also be used of wood. The lighting should be yellowish or be suppressed; hence you are able to complement the colors of the wooden fixtures that are in the room. Use of stones may also be good to create that rustic feel; they can be used on the floor or on the wall.
  • Cottage style: – this is a popular design for the people that are interested in remodeling their bathrooms to the cottage design. You install artifacts that serve as the bathroom accessories. Have the vanities made of wood and have to be in neutral colors, the brown color would be ideal. The floor can be made of the mosaic tiles to be more applicable to the theme of the room. You can also add easy carpets that are the same colors with some of the parts in the room.
  • Eco–friendly design: – this is a really good idea of a design, you will be using bathroom items that are eco friendly, such as reduce the use of electricity, in this way you utilize the natural light by installing as man windows as you can. However for privacy you can put the light come through the window.

Bathroom design guide: popular styles for bathroom designs.

The bathroom has gone through many phases in the past one hundred years. Nowadays bathing is pleasure in many western homes. Today due to highly developed modern technology and plumbing the bathroom has evolved as far as it can, there are hydrotherapy baths and steam rooms. Here are some of the styles of bathroom design guide.

  • Fantasy: – This  bathroom design guide lets you to be original with your tastes and fantasies. It’s exclusively for only large bathrooms, since large spaces are the ones that bring this room together. For showering and bathing you can use the steam cabins and the whirlpool baths. As for the sanitary use the wall hung or close coupled toilet. You could also add a water proof TV, you may double it with a gym which has rowing machines and exercise bike.
  • Shabby chic: – it’s a new phrase that is being used nowadays, it’s a blend of neglect and style, it’s very difficult to design. It looks like a mismatch of style. The key colors that are used are neutral or dark colors. The counter top basins are recommended for this style and cast iron baths must be used. You may also add antique framed mirrors and unique ornaments.
  • Traditional: – it can be in terms of Victorian or Edwardian style, for those living in modern apartments this is not a good idea for a bathroom style but if you are living in a villa retreat or an old cottage you may consider this style. In this style the bath is the main attraction and the slipper bath is on a dark polished floor. The use of soft stones and bold colors work well in this style.

The bathroom is a place where you rejuvenate yourself and relax, however you can only have this if your bathroom has a relaxing atmosphere. If you are planning to do a make over to your bathroom look for a  bathroom design guide.



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