Cat Tree Plans


Furniture making has been made easy by the introduction of cat tree plans. These are step by step procedures that allow one to save time as you make cat tower or feline playgrounds that look as if they have been made by a professional. Your cat does not have to spend its time climbing on the tables or chairs while resting you can build your own cat tree combo which will provide the cat with comfort. Buying cat trees from pet shops may be very expensive but utilizing the knowledge you have and local materials you will stop your cat from scratching your chairs.

How to build a cat tree through cat tree plans

cat tree plan

cat tree plan








Building a cat tree as a beginner may be hectic but having mastered cat tree plans you can make superior designs like those made by experts. You will also enjoy saving extra money that would be used in buying ready made cat trees. Here are procedures to follow:

  • You should first of all plan the layout of your cat tree and determine its size. This can be done by drawing a sketch of the layout on a piece of paper and label every feature and where it should be put. For instance mark where the climbing ladders will start and where the base will be put.
  • Identify the materials to use in cat tree plans construction, the most common materials required in this construction are the plywood which will be used in making the base tower, a carpet to cover the bases and PVC pipes which will be used as entrance or exit paths.
  • Make a wide stable base using 3 or 4 inches of plywood and join them together using carpenter’s glue which is very sticky. Use a drill to make shank holes on the plywood; you can use small nails or screws to secure the panels found on the wood strip for easy fixing.
  • Mark the position of 6 inch holes by the use of a compass; these are to be made on all the sides of the plywood. To make uniform holes it is advisable to use a drill as you start but during completion you should use a jig saw which will create a fine finishing.
  • Use the carpenter’s glue to join the four panels and nail them using a pneumatic nail gun to ensure uniform nail distribution. You should not forget to insert the dividing panel, i.e. this will separate the floor base from the upper base.
  • Make neat corners that will cover all the edges of the base and cut a sizeable carpet to fit on the base. Ensure that it has been spread properly in order to get a tight grip on the base such that the cat will not tear it even when it scratches.
  • After you have ensured that the carpet has covered all the perimeters of the base cut holes along the carpet from the center of the base to make wedge shapes .This will reopen the holes that had been made previously.
  • Use the PVC pipes that had been wrapped with sisal material and cut them into desirable sizes and fix them on the holes. They should be wide enough to allow room for quick entrance. If the cat tree is pleasing to your eyes go ahead and allow your cat to rest on it.

How to make kitty condo through cat tree plans

Designing something unique for your cat’s comfort can be possible if you employ cat tree plans in your construction. A kitty condo is a classic resting platform for cats, it is simple to make one by yourself what you require is to:

  • Make a layout of the kitty condo by drawing it on a piece of paper and mark where to put the different features. Write down the dimensions of the length and the width of your cat condo, this will promote your cat furniture plans.
  • Look for materials that will be used in the construction i.e. look for size-able plywood, nails, screws and a jig saw. Each will be used indifferent ways to make the work more efficient.
  • Make the base cabinet using thick plywood and measure the size of the top and bottom panels. Use a jig saw to make a wooden radius at the base of the plywood and smooth-en it to get a fine finishing.
  • Use the right end of the base cabinet to make an enclosed place which will be used as the cat’s chubby. The size of the chubby depends on the size of the cat.
  • If you cat has scratching itches you can employ the art of fixing beads on the base of the condo so that it will be attracted to it. The beads will also act as decorating materials thereby making your house more classic.
  • Make a medium stairway where your cat will enjoy climbing to and from the kitty combo. The stringers of the base platform should be made firm by fixing them using the screws or the carpenter’s glue.
  • Apply a good finishing system on the base, you can use water based primer which creates a smooth finishing .The combo kitty is ready to be used by your cats.

Advantages of learning cat tree plans

Making cat structures is easy unto those who have learn’t cat tree plans since it gives detailed guidelines that will be of great significance because:

  • It will enable you to design and make comfortable cat structures ; most pet stores provide structures suitable for small cats only. Having the plans you can make one for your big cat.
  • You will minimize the expense of buying ready made cat structures which are very expensive. You will use the locally available materials to make a unique cat tree.

If you are that person who love pets you will conquer with me that cats are the most friendly pets .They should be given extra care for them to live a comfortable, one of the most frustrating behavior to many cats is the scratching action. Some people give them a thorough beating to stop this but you can design a penile playground for it through the cat tree plans.