How to Paint a Room Red

It is possible for one to say goodbye to dull and uninviting colors with the possibility of one learning how to paint a room red thus bringing out a welcome and cozy room. Red is an aggressive color which represents love, strength and passion thus also suggesting bold and exciting environment.

Red How to Paint a Room Red

Steps on how to paint a room red

Red is an absolutely hot color the world of décor but however getting a great and elegant red look is what matters. Here are a few of the basic steps on painting a room red for effective results:-

  1. Never underestimate the power of –painter’s tape:-to avoid covering the white on the ceiling or base boards with red paint it is recommended for one to first make tightly sealed lines with the painter’s tape.
  2. Start with the a tinted primer:-Most people mess up the gorgeous red by tinting the primer red. The best color to place under red is light green since it allows one to cover the  red color more readily unlike with the white color but however for those who cannot bring themselves to using light green then gray would definitely do. If you begin with a pink or red primer your red will have a brighter shade.
  3. Choose a top quality paint:- Choose the best quality paint so as to attain the best outcome however in case an extra coat is needed be sure to let the first coat dry off for 24 hours.

Tips on how to paint a room red

Red brings in a warm and vibrant atmosphere to any room. Although having a room painted red can be fun and a great idea the process of painting the walls red can be quite a challenge. However, here are some of the best tips on how to paint a room red:-

  1. Choosing the red paint:-Red comes in different color shades from a rusty Indian red to a deep dark burgundy. Picking the shade of red you want will be based on your personal preference and taste of color. To make things easier you could also look at the items and fabrics you own in the house to compare them with the different color shades  of red.
  2. Prepping the room for red paint:-Since red paint stain are difficult to hide it is significantly recommended for one to put down drop cloths and mask the room. After you have done this it is recommended for you to decide on which primer to use between pink and gray. To avoid using up a lot of paint layers it is necessary to avoid using white as a primer. Woven rollers are the appropriate rollers to use in paining red so as to get the best coverage.
  3. Painting the room red:-you should be prepared to paint at least two coats of paint even with a tinted primer. Paint as much as possible with a roller while getting closer to the edges as much as possible. Always remember to allow your walls to dry between coats of paint for about 24 hours.

Remember that white woodwork will make the red look more intense.

With the basic knowledge and understanding onHow to Paint a Room Red will am sure the décor of your house and the color scheme itself will leave your room with a warm and comfortable atmosphere