Landscaping Ideas in Kenya

Have You Ever Though of Checking Some Landscaping Ideas in Kenya?

I am sure you made an observation similar to mine, that just a few are professionally designed.

It’s true that coming up with a good landscaping idea in Kenya is a bit challenging for many and costly to involve a landscaper.

Once I was in a similar situation when I started a deep research on this and gathered some  amazing ideas that guided me through and came up with beautiful design.

This collection of landscaping ideas in Kenya has helped me and many other Kenyans who have assessed it.

Tips on How to Arrange the Landscape

Having in mind that this is a permanent change you are about to make on your land make sure it will serve you best even years later.

Down listed below are some of the factors to consider:-

1. Know your people

landscaping ideas in kenya


  • Observe and analyze the habits of the people using the space, their needs and the required space by their activities.
  • Different people like different activities like children like playing, teenagers swimming and adults charting.
  • The landscape should favor the majority.

2. Study the past methods used in landscaping.

  • Observe and learn from other people’s landscape, the way they arrange their landscape and get ideas on how to do yours.
  • Some landscaping ideas in Kenya  may look so impressive but remember they may  not work on yours.

3. Survey and work on the materials available

  • Is very easy to work on only  available materials for they just occupy the right space.
  • Leaving some space for some unavailable material may bring some contradictions if the space is not enough or too much.

4. Study the environment right

  • have good information on factors that may cause negative environmental impact to the people, animals, furniture and plants in your region.
  • factors like too strong sun, soil, strong winds and salty water may affect people, animals, furniture and plants.The soil can be easily changed with some other suitable soil like black soil changed with red soil.
  • With this information you are able to know the right materials to use. Examples shed with heavy roofs and drought resistant plants and animals.

Types of Landscapes

Not all homes are built on a flat ground thus they deserve different landscapes.

Below are some types of landscapes:-

2. A flat landscape

Being the most common type of landscape thus it might be assumed to be easier to landscape.

To a person who likes some uniqueness can consider changing the landscape to hilly or sloppy

This can be amazingly outstanding idea because most factors including the plantations change.

3. A sloping landscape


landscaping ideas in kenya

landscaping ideas in kenya








This is another amazingly good type of landscape.


Majority of us have tried to refrain from it by flattening the land but that is not the best alternative.

The following are some tips to follow:-

  • · Plant trees and flowers with a dense fibrous root system.
  • · Plant aground cover like grass or cement the ground.
  • · Have a good drainage system in your landscape.
  • . position pools , houses and furniture be on the upper side.

4. A hilly landscape


landscaping ideas in kenya

landscaping ideas in kenya







You should not struggle to change it to the normal flat form. There are outstanding designs that can fit on your landscape.

Flowers planted along the landscape form a beautiful site in a garden.

All the activities are done simply like in a flat landscape.

Small Yard Landscape Ideas in Kenya

Having a small landscape is not the limiting factor to having a welcoming landscape.

The first and most important step is to admit and get contented on the size then plan for it.

You will realize how enjoyable and straight forward it is to landscape the land.

landscaping ideas in kenya

landscaping ideas in kenya







Factors to take note on in small yard landscaping


Pants that don’t grow too tall are recommended to avoid crowding around the garden.

The places with the plantation should be elevated to at least half a meter. This helps to protect the plantation not to be destroyed by people, animals or vehicles around the home.

Alternatively fence around the plantation with a firm fence.


With proper arrangement of some furniture at strategic place around the garden an eye catching site is achieved

The site should be: –         -safe from any accident.

-be easily accessible from the house by path ways.

-receiving a direct breeze from the surrounding.



Fencing a small yard in landscaping in Kenya is an essential step to undertake.

This will help to separate sections and restrict cars and people on the path ways.

The fence should be relatively short to avoid crowding.The outer most fence can be large.

A farm fence, like concrete and metallic posts are the best when used.


Lighting is a basic factor to consider in a small yard landscaping in Kenya.

By lighting the yard, it remains bright and welcoming even at night. That

Scarily look at night degrades your garden to a great deal.

Landscaping Ideas in Kenya for Large Yards


landscaping ideas in kenya

landscaping ideas in kenya







The greatest challenge with large yards is how to maintain the whole of it .

With proper division of the yard the maintenance work can be simplified to as easy as a small yard

Tips on easy maintenance of large landscapes in Kenya

  • · Some parts can be planted large trees and a ground cover, this is a perfect site for resting and yet  demands less attention.
  • · The parts with furniture can be floored with concrete or other type of   materials used in floors.
  • · The remaining part can be made and maintained easily like the usual small yards.

Parting Short on Landscaping Ideas in Kenya

It’s said that the difference between ordinary and extra ordinary is that little extra.

Don’t try to make an extra ordinary impact on your garden for that will be a long , expensive and unfruitful procedure.

Simplicity and persistence is the thing that has made the outstanding Kenyan landscapers to keep their gardens neat.

I strongly believe that we can make our gardens more modern if we take this first step of understanding and putting into action the out listed landscaping ideas in Kenya.


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    I have a an acre of and which is sloppy and during the rainy season it floods on the lower part i would wish to rehabilitate it to stop flooding i wanted some professional advice on how to rehabilitate that lower part for me to use it effectively