Laundry Room Décor

A laundry room also known as the utility room is a place where the washing of clothes is done, When the Laundry Room Décor is not well designed and the room is not properly arranged the laundry rooms look haphazard. The laundry room design is usually overlooked yet the laundry room is one of the most important and used rooms in the home. With your laundry room design well done and appealing it makes doing laundry more enjoyable and alleviate the monotony of doing laundry.

Laundry Room Décor

laundry room decor

laundry room decor

















TheLaundry Room Décor if often neglected since most people just have no idea of what to do with the room’s decoration designs. Despite this the laundry room decoration can easily be done with pretty much anything there is no need to overwhelm it with so much color and style. Here are a few inspiring ideas to help you create a masterpiece out of your laundry room today:-

  1. A fun and whimsical idea:-Hanging baby clothes or children’s old clothes on one wall by using clothes pin. If you do not have any baby clothes you can get some from a garage sale or instead pin up socks that are missing their mates.
  2. Create a message center for the family:-In your laundry room you can also hang a cork board or dry erase board and turn it into a central location for keeping track of all your family activities. Post each family members schedule for the week on their list. This is a great way for you to stay organized.
  3. Go vintage:-Old vintage metal signs are also another great and cheap way to decorate your laundry room.
  4. Paint a Mural on the wall:-being adventurous is also a great and fun way to spice up your laundry room design. You can paint a cute mural on one of the rooms’ walls.Dont be afraid to be creative and try something new while trying your laundry room decoration.

Helpful tips for a Laundry Room Décor

Since you spend so much time in your laundry room cleaning up why not do your laundry room decoration and make it comfortable, practical and in an inexpensive manner. Here are some helpful tips to transform your dull looking laundry room into a useful room that looks bright, happy and elegantly decorated:-

  1. Paint the walls of your laundry room in a bold color so as to coordinate the colors of the laundry room with that of the next room. Gold tones may work well though you can also choose colors that are uplifting to you.
  2. Add a picture to a bare wall like your children’s artwork or a puzzle that you and your family put together also a framed picture of birds or flowers is also very cheerful.
  3. A decorative curtain with valance will look great if your laundry room has a window. The curtain will add some charm, color and personality.
  4. Place rugs in front of the washer or dryer this will look and feel good while you work. Use two rugs with the same color in front of each appliance.

More inviting tips to make your Laundry Room Décor

A well organized and lit laundry room helps you to beat the doldrums of having to complete the necessary chore. Here are a few tips to make your laundry room decor more inviting:-

  1. The laundry room always has horrendous and uninspiring color schemes in the house thus even inducing fatigue. It is best if one uses bright and vibrant color to spice it up.
  2. It is also a great idea if you give your eyes something interesting to do while you iron.
  3. Storage bins and decorative baskets can be used to and texture and flavor to the Laundry Room Décor.
  4. Install additional storage space and also an ironing hook. You can also install overhead tubing to hang the finished garments on.

Your laundry room does not have to be a drab and an uninviting place you can add various colors to the laundry room décor to spice it up and make it more than just a boring room by even installing a stereo system.