3 Bedroom House Plans in Kenya

3 bedroom house plans in Kenya

Am just in love with 3 bedroom houses. You can play around with the 3rd bedroom as a store, home office, gym or even as a quest bedroom. They are relatively cheap to construct with the help of the mortgage loans policy which offers affordable interest rate. So, many can happily bid bye bye to the nagging or stressing land lord.

In this article i will discuss about 3 bedroom  house plan  in general but there will be other articles about different types of 3 bedroom house plans inKenya. So keep visiting homesbeauty.com for more information. Well, here are a few things i learnt about 3 bedroom house plan in Kenya that i would love to share with you.

3 bedroom house plans in Kenya


This has been confirmed to be the most common type of house plans in Kenya. This is due to its advantages over other type of houses. 3 bedroom house plans in Kenya can be acquired from your architect.

3 bedroom house plan in kenya

3 bedroom house plan in kenya

Advantages of 3 bedroom house plans in Kenya.

  • Cost.

Their installation cost is affordable to majority of Kenyans who rank in the middle class category of wealth. Equally, furniture installation cost is well within the limits of the owner’s ability thus very satisfactory. Above all other costs, maintenance cost is just at the affordable limits. As to all mans lives, there are those moments when one is in economic crisis, having a house that will not put too much pressure on you is one stress relief precaution. It is advisable to consider this factor on cost when deciding on your house plan.

  • Convenience.

How large is your family? How often do visitors come to your home?. This among others, are the questions that most Kenyans have questioned upon and found their solution in 3 three bedroom house plans in Kenya. When building a house as a young family consider your children who will come in future. Three bedroom house has brought satisfaction to very many Kenyans nad you can join them today.

Plan lay out of a 3 bedroom house plans in Kenya.

There are specific layouts that are best for this type of houses. The arrangement of the rooms in the house has to be professionally done to ensure perfect contability of the rooms to the other.e.g kitchen to the dinning room.



  • Bedrooms

With three bedrooms one is ment to be the master bed room the second the children bedroom and thirdly the guestroom. Master bedroom:-to most Kenyans this is the bedroom that needs a lot of privacy in a home. It is advisable to position it at a point with no other bedroom is neigbouring it. Children and teenagers are known to be very noisy which cannot create a good resting environment. This is the biggest bedroom in the house since it will be the most used bedroom in the house. The best location of the house is at the farthest corner of the house or upstairs to maximize on its privacy. There should be a bathroom in the room . There can be put an exit door from the room.it can lead to a swimming pool or a resting site in the garden.


children's room

children’s room

  • Children bedroom.

Children are known to be the most noisy and outgoing thus their bedroom should be at apposition where they can acsess the other rooms like kitchen and table room easily. Their bedroom can be installed with a study room for their privacy during studing.





quest room

quest room

  • Guest room

This is the simplest bedroom in its make up. There are no some additional features like bathrooms since it is only used once in a while and no specified age of its users. It should also be positioned at a point where its easily accesed from the table room. The second bathroom should positioned next to it for the convenience of the guests 3 bedroom house plans in Kenya provide this space for your guests.




  • kitchen



This is among the most popular rooms in each and every house. It should have an exit door that is preferably large enough for large gadgets like fridge and cookers to easily pass through. The exit door can lead to:- –  The kitchen garden. – A path way leading to the main gate – The pit or garbage area The dining room should be positioned right next to the kitchen and preferably having a small opening connecting them. This opening allows fast and easy acess to the dining room. It can be built with a pantry which is used to store kitchen accessories.



dining room

dining room

  • Dining room

This the room used for eating purposes . It is directly connected to the living room mostly with a large opening between then. Thus the kitchen ,dining room and living room should be plased at close positions for easier coordination in the house. It can also have an exit .






living room

living room

  • Living room

This is commonly the largest room in most of the houses. It connects directly from the front yard to the patio where the to door opens to the room. It should have at least three exterior walls for maximum openness and aeration.






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