Outdoor Gazebos

An Outdoor Gazebos is a roofed structure that is usually open on all sides and is slightly raised from the normal ground level built in any type of outdoor spaces like houses, parks and gardens. An outdoor gazebo is an added element in your gardens. You can have it installed in the center of your garden or backyard or even two of them in the same space. The  outdoor gazebo frees up your backyard filled with furniture and spices up its appearance to an elegant designer shade. With coffee and reading as our favorite pastime you can spend as much time as possible outdoors enjoying the cool air even in any kind of weather.

Square Outdoor Gazebos Designs

Outdoor Gazebos

Outdoor Gazebos

The outdoor gazebos  are pavilion structure which adds beauty and a distinctive touch to your gardens or backyard are designed in various shapes, sizes and designs. The square gazebo is one of the numerous plans which however have various designs. Here are some of the few square gazebo styles and designs which complement the square gazebo design:-

  1. Montpellier gazebo:-This outdoor square design is built in a garden house with typical railings and features. This outdoor square gazebo design is best suited for a pool setting or in a rustic setting where wild flowers and tall grasses are present. This type of outdoor gazebo is most commonly seen and found in hospitals and outside offices.
  2. The Japanese Design:-Is the most common amongst the outdoor gazebo square designs. This gazebo design has a different look from the usual and has complex patterns in the sides.
  3. The French style:-This gazebo design is dependent on the size of the gazebo you choose. The square gazebo does not require space and saves area and keeps the things simple and sweet.

Outdoor Gazebos plans with a fireplace arrangement

An outdoor gazebo is a very romantic feature to have in your garden and backyard so you can enjoy a cool romantic dinner with our significant other or even just relax and read a book after a busy day at work. A gazebo with a fireplace is an excellent idea if you live in a place where the evenings get chilly. Here a few of the main outdoor gazebo designs with a fireplace:-

  1. An outdoor fireplace can be built with bricks, stones or even concrete. You can opt for different types of gazebo designs like the traditional square construction or a round design. The best material to build a fireplace is concrete as it offers durability and versatility.
  2. For a gazebo with a fireplace opt for one that is fully covered with a sturdy roof.
  3. The best gazebo designs with a fireplace are one made out of cedar or oak with plenty of storage area as well as seats.
  4. If you cannot afford a gazebo with a fireplace you can opt to purchase a fire pit.

 Decorating Outdoor Gazebos

Once you have selected one of the numerous gazebo plans you can now spruce it up with some interesting décor ideas. Here are some of the décor ideas:-

  1. First and foremost start with illuminating your gazebo. Use decorative lights to add up the appearance of your gazebo in the dark.
  2. Add a chandelier matching with material of gazebo at the center.
  3. To highlight your gazebo you can also a walkway pavers on the path from your house to the gazebo.
  4. Add classic lighting to the walkway to make it noticeable.
  5. Make sure the lights are dim for best results and effect.
  6. Add a few beautiful hanging plants as well from the gazebo roof ends.
  7. Finally finish your outdoor gazebo by adding some furniture pieces for you to relax here.

With a gazebo in a home, the backyard look attractive and beautiful giving you a place to relax. There are numerous Outdoor Gazebos plans and the only trick is to choose the right one for your home